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Why Would One Need A Lawyer For An Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce refers to one where both the spouses decide the terms of their divorce without the court’s involvement. Some couples are willing to compromise for each other’s needs, even in divorce, and thus, they do not usually require a Tacoma Uncontested Divorce Lawyer. However, countless couples do. 

It is only a myth that uncontested divorces do not require legal advisors and representations. There are many benefits of hiring an uncontested divorce attorney that you may not be aware of. Regardless of whether your divorce is high-conflict or not, you should still retain an attorney, especially when assets and children are involved. 

Reasons why you need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce

  • Tons of paperwork. 

We are all aware that legal processes, especially divorce cases, require a lot of paperwork. You need to fill out several forms correctly and submit them before deadlines. Even a minor error, such as putting an incorrect date in one of these forms, can cause the court to throw out your claim. 

On the other hand, an attorney is an experienced professional who has been filing such forms for a long time. They will know how to file papers properly and other logistics involved in the divorce process. You can rest assured that the paperwork is done right, without the worry of redoing them.

  • Avoid disputes later.

You and your spouse may think you have done everything right, but an attorney can point out legal issues in your agreement that you may not notice otherwise. Ignored issues usually cause problems down the road after the agreement is settled. This mostly happens in cases involving children. An attorney can help point these out so that you and your spouse can develop solutions and long-term plans to avoid disputes later. 

  • Protect your rights. 

An attorney knows how a reasonable and unreasonable divorce settlement looks like. You may think settling the terms of your divorce with your spouse is beneficial for you because it saves money and time. However, settling issues like child custody and asset division without consulting an attorney could result in you losing your rights without even knowing it. This often happens when your spouse retains an attorney and takes advantage of your lack of legal knowledge. 

Hiring a spouse will make you aware of your rights and understand which terms are not beneficial for you. At the very least, you would be educated about the law and know what you are signing for. 

Prevention has always been better than cure. You may want to settle the divorce alone without an attorney to save up money. However, spending a little money right now can save you from many regrets later. 

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