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What You Need to Know in a Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program

Before a person can become a certified nursing assistant, one has to go through a certified nursing assistant training program. CNA training program will teach you all you need to know to give the best service to the patients that you will be handling daily. It will also equip you with skills that are vital in the health care profession.

A certified nursing assistant training is usually divided into theory work and the practical work

The theory work.

The basics

This is the part of your training where you are taught the simple things that matter. Things like how to take care of the patient and make sure that the patient is clean. You are also taught how to administer drugs to the patient and also what kind of food or diet to provide for the patient.

How to Communicate

When training to be a certified nurse assistant, you are also taught how to communicate properly. Communication is key in delivering adequate health care to a patient. Therefore, you are trained on how to work well with medical officers, nurses, and even patients. This will help you understand them and also provide your assistance at a faster rate.


As a nurse assistant in training, you have to be taught some bit of nutrition. The knowledge of nutrition is essential to you because you will be dealing with the patients. When dealing with the patient you ought to be aware of their nutritional requirements. The diet given to the patient must be checked and when you give the patient food, you should also be aware of any relations to the body that the food may have on the patient.

Record Keeping

A certified nursing assistant training also includes record keeping as one of the theoretical teaching offered. A nursing assistant is trained on how to record certain things about the patient like the patient’s biodata, his or her vital signs, and change in condition. These have to be documented well as they can be used for future reference.

The Practical Work.

First Aid

A cna training program should include cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. This is a practical course that is very important for everyone in the healthcare system to know. This skill is a lifesaver and therefore, the certified nursing assistants are taught. There might be a crucial emergency with a patient and the nursing assistant is the only one close to the patient. That basic skill can save the life of the patient.

Mental Health

In CNA training classes, certified nursing assistants are also taught some basic mental health care and psychology. A certified nursing assistant should be well aware of the basic signs of some mental illnesses that are common for example, depression and anxiety disorders. These affect people the most and therefore, a certified nursing assistant should be able to tell the first signs of these and be able to take care of the patient as they seek further assistance.

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