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What is Practice Management Software?

Technology plays an integral role in everyday business for most companies and many are turning to online software to reduce manual tasks and to increase productivity. Practice Management Software (PMS) is a software program that has been specifically designed to simplify and manage administrative tasks within a health or medical settings. Throughout this article, we will share everything you need to know about PMS.

About Practice Software Management Software

You can run virtually all business and administration aspects of your medical practice from the convenience of your Practice Management Software. It eliminates guesswork and saves time by automating everyday duties. All medical and health care practices can benefit from having PMS, regardless of how small. It enables the business to run far more efficient and drastically reduces human error. Rather than using a tonne of paper and having different files for invoicing, appointment reminders, and referrals, you can have all this information stored in one place.

What tasks can you control with Practice Management Software?

PMS offers an expansive number of features, some of these include:

  1. Client communications
  2. Invoicing and Billing
  3. Record management
  4. Business planning
  5. Scheduling appointments
  6. Submitting claims
  7. Processing payments from both patients and third parties
  8. Enter, track and record patients
  9. Staff reports

In conjunction with organising patients, Practice Management Software manages an extensive range of data including health funds, Medicare, and other health care providers.

Key features of Practice Management Software

The diary

The diary allows you to create, schedule and track your patient’s visits. You can communicate with patients, manage their appointments, process payments, record information and invoice easily from the diary feature.

Processing claims

Once a claim has been submitted you can track it on the Practice Management System. You can create statements for outstanding balances which you can simply forward to the patient.

Reporting capabilities

A Practice Management System allows you to analyse every aspect of your business with detailed reporting, including financial performance, missed appointment reports, accounts receivable, practice finances and many more. You can customise your reports to optimise productivity and growth and make adjusts or improvements from the information provided.

Common features of Practice Management Software

Automated reminders – Reminding people of their upcoming appointment will reduce missed appointments.

Automatic billing and claims – You can quickly verify the person’s health fund or Medicare and notify them of the balance due if any. It also hosts several billing codes to speed up the collection of payment.

Customisable security access – With an extensive permission management system, you can control what your staff can and cannot see.

Data kept safe – Your data is kept safe and is backed up by state-of-the-art security measures.

Store client files – Safely and surely access patients files, referrals, and letters.

Why should I consider Practice Management Software for my business?

There are many benefits to converting to a PMS, some of them include:

Improve communication

Good communication is key to any businesses success. PMS allows you to set up various correspondence methods such as letter templates and text messages that you can quickly send rather than having to write long and in-depth messages to each patient or health care provider. This enables you to maintain your professionalism, just in a fraction of the time.

Reduce mistakes

Practice management systems have the health funds and Medicare included in their billing process. This makes for smooth and correct claim processing and can reduce errors. The receptionist can quickly lookup rebates and coverage and relay them to the patient.

Minimise the number of no-shows

Practice Management Software automates SMS and email reminders to patients about their upcoming appointments. You can see if they have confirmed or not. This drastically reduces the number of no-shows and saves a significant amount of time ringing everyone in the lead up to their scheduled appointment.

Saves time

Medical Practice Management Systems can save a significant amount of time spent on everyday administrative tasks and in turn, this can save you money. It allows the practice to run effortlessly and you and your team can focus on other important areas of the business.

Practice Management Software can help to: 

  1. Reduce paperwork
  2. Provide a better service to your patients
  3. Keep records safe and secure, you don’t ever have to worry about misplaced information
  4. Increase revenue by enabling patients to make bookings online when your practice is not open
  5. Improve productivity and customer service
  6. Take your work with you. You can access information via PMS, anywhere and at any time
  7. Manage inventory and stock control
  8. Manage client data. Each patient has a file that can store comprehensive information such as documents, referrals, and clinical notes in the one location, which you can access quickly
  9. Overview finances. The income management tools allow you to track your finances including outgoing expenses and medical billing
  10. Have contact-free consultations. PMS has a telehealth function which enables you to do video calls and consultations with your patients if they are unable to come into the practice
  11. Streamline work and improve practice organisation by systematically sorting practice management tasks

We hope that this article has provided you with an insight into what Practice Management Software is and how it can improve efficacy and management of your health care practice. Nookal offers the most advanced Practice Management Software that is available today and we are so confident that you will love it that we offer a free 30 trail – obligation-free!

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