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Vprep your body for winter vitamins and their benefits

Winter is here and with comes familiar illnesses and bugs that can stop us in our tracks, and it’s never been more important to protect ourselves from winter illnesses.

As well as a balanced diet and plenty of exercise vitamins can help us boost our bodies’ immune defenses to see us through winters without a sniffle or a sneeze! So, what vitamins do our bodies need and, what are their benefits?

Vitamin C Supplements

Amongst the most vital Vitamin-C benefits is its ability to help us heal, which is crucial during winter when many more of us get sick with colds and flu. It also helps our bodies to grow and develop, making it a brilliant supplement to consider for children and teenagers. Vitamin C fortifies our immune systems and enables us to absorb iron into our bodies which helps us in a range of other ways. Vitamin C is also responsible for the maintenance of bones, teeth, and even cartilage.

Iron Supplements

There is often a myth about iron and whether or not we get enough from our diets, especially those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. However, Iron is a crucial nutrient that our bodies need in order to regulate energy and other bodily functions such as gastrointestinal processes and temperature regulation. It is often hard to distinguish if you are getting enough iron as the symptoms can vary. However, some professionals think women may be more prone to Iron deficiencies as a result of reproductive and hormonal processes. When taken in conjunction with Vitamin C, these two supplements compliment each other’s function and help your body get the most out of these vitamins.

Vitamin D Supplements

Winter is a tough season when it comes to this nutrient because of the sun’s role in us getting enough of it. So when the days grow darker and the nights grow longer many of us suffer from a lack of vitamin D. Aside from high-fat fish, there are few foods in which Vitamin D occurs with enough for us to benefit from it. Therefore in the winter months, it’s worth including a booster supplement in our diets. Vitamin D like most vitamins gives your immune system a welcome boost as well as contributes towards normal brain function and preventing illnesses. Professionals are also exploring a link between vitamin D and depression, with this vitamin said to positively impact the symptoms in those suffering from depression.

Vitamin B12 Supplements

VitaminB12 works alongside Iron, helping with the immune and energy functions of the body. However, it also helps support neuron function in helping with elements such as memory and poor brain function. Outwardly, B12 also promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails helping our bodies external defenses, so those who are deficient may experience a decline in these areas.

How to take vitamins

Vitamins and supplements alike are not a replacement for a healthy, balanced diet and should only be introduced alongside a varied diet and balanced lifestyle.

The most common form of supplement is a pill or tablet, which are easily absorbed into the body more quickly than food.

Secondly, there are ‘drops’ or liquid supplements although these are slightly more hard to come by. Liquid vitamins are thought to be absorbed slightly easier and quicker than tablets but can be difficult to find and are often the more expensive option.

Most vitamins are better off taken alongside food, particularly iron and B12 so timing these with meals can help you integrate these into your daily routine.

Always consult your doctor before taking any vitamins to ensure that they are suitable for you to avoid any adverse reactions or side effects from supplements.

If you feel like you are experiencing deficiency, your doctor is the best person to consult as they can explain the best options for you and your body.

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