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Top Best Activewear Brand You Don’t want to Miss

Are you tired of your gym wear just not living up to the expectations? Does your clothing don’t match the toughness of your extreme workouts? Or are you just sick of the same unattractive, ordinary, and boring activewear? Rejoice! All your frustrations have come to an end. We have gathered a list of the most prominent activewear brands that you can rock effortlessly without any complaints.

The list includes the brands whose product won’t let you down, like those leggings that ride down in the middle of a good run or like those sports bras that just don’t fit and pinch you from different places. Those days are over now.


The brand that stands on top and apart from all the competitors is SQUATWOLF. It was founded to make something for the gym enthusiasts, yogis, and all those people who are into an active lifestyle in any way. SQUATWOLF is on the top of the list because it has what no other brand on the list has: versatility. The designs are so attractive and easy to pull off that you are destined to turn some heads when worn their products no matter what body type or size you have. Unlike other activewear brands, SQUATWOLF designs apparel so that it is acceptable by different kinds of people belonging to different areas of life. SQUATWOLF aims to challenge the status quo and design gym wear and activewear that is both super comfortable and dominates the style department.

  1. LilasActive

First on our list is, and like the lady in the picture, you will also be smiling after getting your hands on this activewear. Established in London and now a global level customer base. Lilasactive is the first choice of many people of an active lifestyle. The products are designed for your casual days when you don’t feel like moving from the couch and also for the days when you are determined to change the world.

  1. NUX

NUXACTIVE has taken an impressive approach to design sensational gym wear. They have included and taken suggestions from the numerous trainers and gym-goers all over UAE to better understand the needs and demands of bodybuilders and fitness freaks, which has helped them in designing products that hit the mark every time. The design, the fabric, and other materials are just right, and gym-goers are starting to like their products a lot.

Good things come to those who not just wait but sweat and sweat hard. This gym wear is equipped with everything to support you throughout incredible workout sessions.

  1. Free People

Headquartered in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Free People is a respected name in the apparel market, especially in sportswear. Every product they make is engineered for an active lifestyle, every step of the manufacturing is done keeping gym wear in mind, and the vision is to come up with something that is a gym essential.

  1. Aloyoga

Aloyoga is known for its more toes-on-the-mat experience. They work untiringly to create the best apparel for yoga. The fabric is soft and helps to do all those tricky yoga exercises which are impossible in sub-standard and less comfortable material. Aloyoga envisions inspiring all the yogis and yoga enthusiasts with their wide variety of yoga clothing.

Aloyoga is relentless in manufacturing a range of products that inspire people to come to yoga and accept this as a lifestyle. Live consciously, be considerate, take responsibility for your actions, and be mindful of your actions. Their motto is to combine luxury with performance. They have products for both men and women.

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