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Tips to Help avoid Addiction on Prescription Drugs

Statistics show that prescription drugs and the second most abused substances. Although doctors will recommend prescription drugs when a patient suffers from a particular condition, it is common for people to misuse them. The practice involves using more medications than the medical practitioner prescribes or buying them without the doctor’s prescription.

On the other hand, the continuous misuse of drugs can cause addiction to them. One of the common substances that pose risks to people of all ages and walks of life is painkillers misuse. The opioids that are tolerant to the body include codeine, morphine, heroin, and fentanyl. Therefore, it is essential to seek professional help when having opioid withdrawal symptoms. The most significant signs include lack of sleep, aching of bones and muscles, excessive sweating or yawning, and anxiety. However, let us look at ways to help avoid addiction to prescription drugs.

Tips to avoid Prescription Drugs Addiction

Understand the Risks

As stated earlier in the read, addiction to prescription drugs will occur when someone goes outside the doctor’s recommendations to the substances’ use. It entails taking a higher dosage than needed and using the drugs with other substances like alcohol. Also, changing the mode of consumption poses a risk to drug addiction. For example, a  person may decide to snort the medication rather than swallow as the doctor prescribes.

Know the Addictive Medications

Apart from knowing the practices that may lead to addiction to prescription drugs, it is vital to know the medications that are likely to be addictive. The most popular items include stimulants like methylphenidate and amphetamines, painkillers containing methadone, fentanyl, or codeine, and depressants that help in anxiety and insomnia. However, there are other kinds of substances to be wary about. You can read the instructions for every prescription drug you take to know if they are addictive.

Have the Right Information

Knowing what to do when seeking treatment for certain conditions can help avoid addiction to prescription drugs. Below are ways to prevent the possibility;

  • Ensure to give the doctor accurate information about what you are suffering. The symptoms will help the medical practitioner undertake the proper assessment and prescribe the correct drug. It is crucial to disclose any other medication you take for the doctor to administer your treatment. Disclose if you are using substances like alcohol. It helps avoid addiction to certain drugs.
  • Adhere to the doctor’s prescription and recommendations for the treatment. Have regular communication with the professionals in the medical field to help them know how the treatment is progressing. It enables the doctor to know if there are any adverse effects to the medication.
  • Avoid using another person’s prescription or treatment plan to purchase drugs. Although you may be suffering the same condition as another person, your reaction to a particular drug is different from theirs. So, ensure you get your own doctor’s assessment and prescription.


The problem herein is more extensive than we can think. But, it is beneficial to take the proper steps to prevent addiction to prescription drugs. Use the insights in this read to help prevent the risks.

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