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The Process of MCAT Registration: What You Need

Are you ready to become a doctor? Before that, you will need to apply for a good medical school. It all begins with MCAT registration.

How to Register for MCAT

Here are the steps to follow when registering for the MCAT:

  1. Create an account on the Association of American Colleges website. They are the ones that develop and administer the MCAT.
  1. After you log into your AAMC profile, select ‘Start Exam Registration’. On this page, you’ll be asked to provide your personal information. When filling in this information, do so as it appears on the government ID you’ll use as identification on your test day.
  1. After completing the forms and filling out necessary information, you will have reached the ‘Schedule’ page. Select on ‘Schedule an MCAT Exam’. Here, you will choose your preferred test date and location. If ever there aren’t seats available for your preferred date and location, you may request to be notified if ever a seat becomes available. Take note there aren’t any guarantees.
  1. If ever you need testing accommodations, do submit a request on the MCAT Accommodations Online page. The review process can take up to 2 months, so do plan ahead.
  1. After selecting your test date and location, click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’, then pay for the registration fee. The fee is $320 to $370. If ever you can’t take the MCAT due to the fee, the AAMC offers a fee assistance program.
  1. And you are done! Now, it’s time to begin studying, so make sure that you start with MCAT practice tests and study routines that work best for you. Allocate at least 300 to 350 hours for studying, which is about 3-5 months, which is the recommended study timeframe. This recommendation is helpful in knowing when to schedule your MCAT as well.

Can I Change the Test Date of My MCAT?

Yes, you can change the time and date of your MCAT. It should be done only up to 15 days before your scheduled appointment. If ever you plan to cancel your registration, you can do so any time, but you only receive a partial refund of $160 when canceling before the Gold Zone deadline, which is 29 days before the test date.

Note that there may be rescheduling fees, which range from $95 to $160, depending on when you cancel. Furthermore, there is an international fee of $115. You can request for rescheduling online or by calling the AAMC. Just make sure that you schedule your MCAT and still receive your scores in time before the deadline of your medical school applications.

When rescheduling your MCAT, be sure that there is an open slot for your desired test date and location. You can find out current availability on the MCAT Registration System page. Your changes will also need to be complete 15 days before the test date.

Hopefully, this guide informed you more about how to register for MCAT and what the process entails. Good luck with your test!

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