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Surefire benefits of BETA ALANINE

Beta Alanine is an amino acid supplement used to enhance athletic performance and exercise. It reduces muscle fatigue and acid-build up while improving heart fitness. This amino acid is found in muscles and the brain. It is used together with histidine and carnosine to help reduce the build-up of acid during exercise. It is commonly retailed as a performance-enhancing supplement under the name CarnoSyn®. This supplement is effective during aerobic exercises- intense and exhaustive exercises that lead to the accumulation of lactic acid. It’s perfect in delaying fatigue during repeated bouts of intense exercise.

Beta Alanine is beneficial to vegetarians and women who have lower muscle carnosine. This component also reduces with age and therefore it is perfect for those that are aging.

What are the benefits of Beta Alanine?

  1. Athletic performance

Statistics show that Beta Alanine improves the power of exercise and capacity but doesn’t help in performance.  It works perfectly for short-lived and high-intensity exercises like aerobics. There is also improved resistance training volume with this supplement. It works so perfectly with athletes who play in team sports and therefore improve game performance.

  1. Military combat

Studies have shown that Beta Alanine improves the performance of soldiers, especially during high -intensity combat. It improves jumping power, shooting speed, and marksmanship. It also improves speed in casualty catty exercise and an increase in cognitive performance while under pressure.

  1. Delayed fatigue

Several studies have suggested that Beta Alanine delays exhaustion and fatigue during workouts or aggressive exercise masting more than 30 minutes. The supplement was also found to reduce acid-build up during the high-intensity performance and this delays fatigue.

  1. Muscle building

In a study conducted on 46 men for 3 weeks, who were undergoing high-intensity interval training, Beta Alanine supplement increased oxygen intake and improve ventilatory threshold leading to endurance, more stamina, and lean body mass.  A study conducted on women showed that Beta Alanine led to a decrease in body fat and increased overall body mass.

  1. Anti-aging

There is good news for the elderly with Beta Alanine with research showing that it leads to improved exercise capacity. The amino acid forms carnosine in muscles which reduces age-related stress; stress which damages body cells and influence health.

  1. Cognitive function

A study carried out on 18 soldiers showed that Beta Alanine improved their cognitive function during combat practice. Another study conducted on middle aged adults approved the same benefit on cognitive and executive functions. It is clear that it improves the cognitive function under normal and stressful conditions.

  1. Anxiety and PTSD

The patented Beta Alanine boosts carnosine level and maintains neurotrophins level in the brain. Neurotrophins also known as BDNF, provide support for neurons which help to maintain normal functioning of the brain. It leads to mood improvement, and a decrease in PTSD like behavior and occasional anxiety.”

  1. Heart health

It protects heart by regulating calcium flux and cardiac contractility and also provides a cellular protective mechanism against reactive species and the increased oxidative stress from different causes. A recent study on bikers with beta-alanine supplement showed that it function as an aldehyde-scavenger in skeletal muscle, essentially detoxifying the body of the aldehyde formed during exercise.

Beta Alanine is one of the non-essential amino acids that your body can synthesize on its own. It aids in metabolic processes and providing energy for the muscles, the brain, and the nervous system.

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