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Spine Surgery in Roswell – Symptoms When You Need It and Kind of Surgery Required 

Spine surgery is required to treat a variety of spinal conditions and disorders that result in pain, discomfort, or restricted mobility. It involves doing surgery on the spine to treat scars, stabilize vertebral segments, or relieve strain on muscles. Depending on the severity and location of the problem, methods can range from open surgeries to less invasive ones. 

Spine surgery attempts to improve a patient’s quality of life if done by the right professional. Apex Spine and Neurosurgery is known for its Bethlehem, Columbus, Suwanee, and Roswell spine surgery treatment methods. They also treat patients with tumors, cranial disorders, etc. The medical professionals there believe in minimally invasive methods to give the best quality of life to their patients. 

Symptoms You Need Spine Surgery

  • Spine surgery may be necessary if chronic back or neck pain does not go away despite conservative measures like rest, medication, and physical therapy.
  • Nerve compression can be caused by disorders like herniated discs or spinal stenosis and cause symptoms like radiating pain, numbness, tingling, or paralysis in the limbs.
  • Surgery may be an option if non-surgical treatments like exercise, physiotherapy, and medications, fail to improve function, and spinal problems make it difficult to walk, stand, or grasp objects.
  • Surgery may be necessary to realign and stabilize a severely fractured or dislocated spine to promote appropriate recovery.
  • Spine surgery may provide a permanent solution if non-invasive treatments fail to control discomfort or address the problem.

Types of Spinal Surgery

  • Discectomy: This surgery relieves pain and restores function by removing a part of a herniated or injured disc that is pressing on a nerve.
  • Spinal fusion: This treatment stabilizes the spine and limits mobility to relieve pain from disorders including degenerative disc disease or spinal instability. At least two vertebrae are joined together using bone implants, screws, or metal plates.
  • Laminectomy: This procedure removes a portion of the vertebral bone to free up space and release pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. It helps in treating spinal stenosis.
  • Vertebroplasty/Kyphoplasty: This minimally invasive procedure fixes damaged vertebrae by injecting a unique cement-like substance into them, relieving discomfort due to compression fracture.
  • Disc Replacement: Damaged discs are replaced with artificial ones to preserve spinal flexibility and lessen pain from degenerative disc disease.
  • Microdiscectomy: A minimally invasive discectomy technique that involves making a tiny incision and using specialized equipment to remove a herniated disc fragment, causing less tissue damage and quick healing.
  • Scoliosis: Surgery to straighten the spine after the insertion of rods, screws, or wires to treat abnormal spinal curvature.

Every spine surgery is customized based on the requirements of the patient. It’s essential to speak with a skilled spine expert in Roswell who can assess your issue in detail and suggest the best course of action.

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