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Skin Care Tips to Protect Your Skin From Holi Colours

The festival of Holi is finally here, and we hope this year is going to be a blast for you with an abundance of fun and joy. However, Holi usually follows days of regret of not preparing your skin for the intense exposure it receives on Holi. To ensure that doesn’t happen this year, we have curated a list of skincare tips that you can follow to protect your skin from Holi colours and have a fun day.

Due to the chemicals in Holi colours, dust, and excess sunlight, your skin can become damaged. By following these tricks, you can prepare your skin for everything.

Applying Coconut and Mustard Oil

By applying coconut oil or mustard oil, you can add a protective layer to the skin that will reduce your skin’s absorption of chemicals and dust. Moreover, there are several benefits of applying coconut oil on the face, such as natural sunscreen and glowing skin. Put a thin layer of coconut oil or mustard oil on your skin an hour before playing Holi. You can also apply the oil on your ears, neck, and under your fingernails.


For added protection against sun and to ensure minimal skin tan, you can also put a thin layer of sunscreen with SPF 25 or above on your skin. It is better to choose a gel-based sunscreen that is waterproof for better results. Moreover, apply sunscreen after three hours in case of constant outdoor celebrations.

Nail Paint

Applying a dark shade of nail paint before playing Holi will add a protective layer on your nails to avoid discolouration and absorption of Holi colours. Remove the nail paint after the celebration.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement as they will protect your eyes from Holi colours and sunlight. They will also keep your eyes cool throughout the celebration while protecting you from the chemical content in Holi colours and dirt water. You should also wash your eyes with cold water and rinse them in regular intervals to avoid any complications.

Protect against Cuts and Wounds

If you have any cuts or wounds before Holi or accidentally hurt yourself during the celebration, immediately clean the wound and apply an antibacterial lotion to avoid any infection. You can also use one of the best virgin coconut oil on the wound and add an additional layer of protection from infection, colours and dirt.

Use Herbal Colours

Ideally, you should celebrate Holi with only herbal colours as they do not have any chemicals that can damage your hair or skin. Artificial colours have chemicals and toxins that can cause skin irritation, acne and other problems.

Stay Hydrated

Holi is a festival of enthusiasm and unbridled energy, which tends to dehydrate your body. We also tend to sweat a lot which can cause further issues. It is important to stay hydrated, which will also flush out the toxins from your body and keep your skin fresh and hydrated.

These are a few of the tips and tricks that can help you protect your skin while you have an amazing and exciting day of fun. Coco Soul offers one of the best virgin coconut hair oils with unparalleled benefits. Moreover, Coco Soul is a 100% natural and cruelty-free brand that offers a variety of hair and skin care products.

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