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Post Varicose Vein Treatment Tips

If you are planning on undergoing varicose vein treatment, it is crucial you know the aftercare instructions so that you can adhere to them. How well you adhere to these post-procedure home care tips will determine the outcome of the treatment.

“Aftercare tips are as important as the procedure itself and neglecting them can defeat the aim of the treatment”, says David L. Pinsinski of Artemis Vein & Aesthetic Center. To make a perfect recovery, you may need to speak to your doctor to know what to do based on the peculiarity of your situation. However, there are general post-treatment recovery tips everyone undergoing varicose vein procedures needs to know.

#1. Slowly Reintroduce Activities

One of the simple ways to slow down your recovery process is to rush into your daily routines and chores without giving yourself enough time to recover. In general you will not need any downtime, but take it easy for a few days.

Additionally, avoid lifting heavy weights or engaging in rigorous activities and exercises. Ensure that you adhere to your doctor’s advice.

#2. Get Enough Rest

Rest is a vital requirement for quick recovery after a varicose vein procedure. Besides cutting down on physical activities, it is also crucial that patients avoid all forms of mental stress that would get them worked up.

#3. Ensure You Wear Your Compression Stockings

Your healthcare provider may likely recommend that you wear compression stockings to facilitate easy blood flow on the legs.

#4. Do the Recommended Exercises

It is advisable not to engage in rigorous exercises during the recovery period. However, mild exercise, as recommended by your healthcare provider, will fasten the healing process. Taking a stroll for a few minutes can work magic and quicken your recovery.

#5. Be on the Lookout for Complications

Being able to detect an abnormality in your body after the procedure can help save you from severe complications. Before leaving the practice, find out from your doctors about what you should raise the alarm over when you see them happening.

Common signs to look out for include:

  • Reddening and swelling of the affected area
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Blood clotting
  • Pain
  • Tingling feelings or numbness
  • Bleeding

#6. Have a Pain Management Strategy

Soreness and tiredness are things you will likely experience after undergoing varicose vein treatment. In general, there should not be a lot of pain after your procedure and typical over-the-counter medication will be enough. Planning will help you to manage the pain better. Ensure you take any medication that your doctor may prescribe.

You can reduce the pain and discomfort by putting ice packs intermittently on your legs. However, ensure that the ice packs do not have direct contact with your skin. Keeping your legs raised will also help ensure easy blood circulation.

Wrapping Up

Making a full recovery after a varicose vein treatment can take as much as a whole year. You must adhere to aftercare instructions given by your healthcare provider and be patient while the recovery process lasts.

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