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Marijuana Edibles- Is it Safe to Ingest Cannabis?

The use of recreational marijuana edibles gained popularity in the 1960s. Since then, multiple types of edibles have since come up. These are popular weed products that attract millions of people from all over the globe. You can use edibles for pleasure or medicinal purposes, and the common mode of delivery is ingestion. However, most users wonder whether it’s safe to ingest weed. And the response is simple; yes.

What are the common forms of cannabis edibles?

Nowadays, you can buy edibles legally from your favorite cannabis store. These come in your favorite delicacies, making the use of cannabis more fun. What’s a Cannabis Edible? This is a food substance laced with active marijuana compounds- THC and CBD. They come in different forms, including; gummies, candies, capsules, chocolates, teas, oils, brownies, and more.

Edibles are tasty alternatives for users who dislike smoking. They are absorbed into the gastrointestinal system. However, the potency and taste vary between edibles, particularly if they are from different companies.

Is ingesting edibles safe? What are the benefits of ingesting than smoking?

Getting your favorite cannabis products is never a problem, but the question lingers, to ingest or inhale? Well, most people prefer ingesting edibles, and for apparent reasons. These are;

  1. Mode of delivery- The gastrointestinal system

When you smoke weed, the chemicals are transported via your bloodstream to your brain and other body parts. Similarly, edibles are absorbed via the digestive tract before undergoing a metabolic pass in your liver. The liver then transforms the THC in the products to a more potent form, resulting in a stronger effect.

  1. Long lasting& More intense effects

You’ll take longer to experience the effects of edibles. And this is because the absorption process takes longer than it does during smoking. However, the effects will be gradual and more intense. The effects also last longer as compared to smoking or vaping. But the duration of the high varies due to factors like;

  • Dosage
  • Product potency
  • Your weight
  • Your tolerance.
  1. Edibles are easy on the lungs.

The consumption method affects your health in different ways. Smoking is a big threat to lung health. It may have adverse effects on your lungs and the respiratory system, just like smoking tobacco does. However, when you ingest Weed Edibles, they pass through your digestive tract and are absorbed in your stomach, and metabolized in the liver. This is safer on the lungs and doesn’t affect your respiratory health.

What effects do I expect after ingesting edibles?

The effects of smoking weed are almost instant. This is not the case with edibles, though. The effects take longer to set in and will last longer about 3-14 hours. The intensity of the effects also varies, depending on the dose, potency, other medications that you may have taken, your last meal, and more. Moreover, the psychoactive effect will be more intense. However, you may experience effects like dry mouth and sleepiness, and these will fade with time.

The bottom line

Edibles are quite popular among recreational users. They don’t pose health risks to your lungs and offer a different experience from smoking or vaping. You’ll get edibles in various forms, and all offer a more intense feeling and a longer-lasting high than with smoking.

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