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Lookout For These Signs To Know If Someone is Struggling With Suicidal Thoughts

Life can be unfair for many. While there are good things, there are bad things that equally follow. While there are good and bad things, everyone has their own way of coping and overcoming the situation. When people are battling depression, they often do not understand their behavior and often consider making impulsive decisions. 

The idea of escaping the world as a way to run away from everything is a rising concern every single day. If you notice yourself or someone you know struggling with suicidal thoughts, make sure you reach out to Oklahoma City individual counseling to get help. 

Many people do not talk about their suicidal thoughts with others, including their close ones, out of fear or judgment. However, it is essential to understand the signs to help them and prevent the unwanted from happening. 

Common warning signs to notice. 

Usually, there is no typical pattern of a suicidal person. Every person differs from another, and therefore, you may notice one or few signs in a person. 

  • They keep isolating themselves from everyone. 

Often people withdraw themselves socially when battling suicidal instincts. They also stop talking to their close friends and family and avoid going out or meeting their people. 

  • They keep talking about how the world would be a better place without them. 

‘I think the world would be better if I were not here.’ ‘The world would be better off without my presence.’ If you hear your friend or family member saying sentences like this, it could be alarming. 

  • They keep talking about feeling lonely or having no reason to live. 

You may notice them speaking casually about how they are feeling lonely, tired, or do not have any reason to live. 

  • You notice unusual changes in their behavior. 

This is one of the signs that go unnoticed by many people. The person may notice unusual changes in someone’s behavior, such as suddenly becoming aggressive, unusual mood swings, or substance abuse. Additionally, you may also notice them giving away their personal belongings. 

Get them to help immediately. 

Before the situation gets out of your hands, ensure to get them to help immediately. Call the suicide prevention helpline number as they are available to help someone 24/7. You can also reach out to psychologists and counselors to let your family or friend get professional help to eliminate the suicidal thoughts and save someone’s precious life. 

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