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Lifestyle Adjustments After A Vasectomy 

A vasectomy is a big deal. It is a permanent form of birth control that prevents semen from traveling into the woman’s body during sexual intercourse. This procedure is considered one of the most effective means of avoiding pregnancy as the risks are significantly low. 

If you want to get a vasectomy in Brooklyn, New York, you should talk to your partner about your goals and what you want. Also, you should gather information about the procedure before doing it, so you know you are making the right choice. You may have to make various lifestyle choices, some of which might be challenging for some people to get used to. 

Lifestyle adjustments after a vasectomy 

  • The healing period. 

As with any other surgery in Brooklyn, New York, the healing period can be problematic. You will experience discomfort, most of which can be relieved with medications. However, your life after the vasectomy won’t be the same as before. You will need to take certain measures to ensure a speedy recovery and that the wounds do not worsen. 

You must take leave from work or school and get complete rest. Avoid engaging in strenuous activities, such as lifting heavy things or working out. 

  • Sex life. 

Your sex life is going to get affected right after going through a vasectomy. You cannot engage in sexual intercourse for at least 7 days after the surgery. Additionally, the vasectomy won’t be effective for another 8 to 12 weeks, so you still have to have contraception for some time. Some sperm may still be present in your system, and it takes time to remove them from the system. 

  • Use of contraceptives. 

You and your sexual partner won’t have to use contraceptives when the vasectomy is in effect. However, doctors still recommend using them for another 3-4 months just to be safe. It takes time to flush all the sperm from your system, and it does not immediately. If enough time has passed, you must go to your doctor once to ensure whether you are fertile or not. A doctor can determine whether there is sperm in your system. 

  • Giving up dreams of having children. 

It is a given that if you are considering getting a vasectomy, then you must give up your dreams and hopes of having children in the future. If you are unsure about your plans, it is recommended to talk to your partner before deciding. Although there is a reverse option, it can be expensive. 

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