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Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

Laser eye surgery is a common procedure that thousands of people invest in every year to improve their poor or deteriorating eyesight. Due to it being a procedure that very heavily relies on technology, laser eye surgery can cause concern for some people who know little about the procedure. Is there a need to worry, though? In this article we take a closer look.

Choosing the right form of laser eye surgery is important

It’s not difficult to see why someone would be concerned about laser eye surgery. Although an eye clinic in South Yarra will always exercise caution when it comes to laser eye surgery, people are usually disconcerted with having such a sensitive part of their body blasted by a laser. This is of course not how it happens, as the common forms of laser eye surgery are highly controlled and very safe. The most common forms of laser eye surgery are termed LASIK, ASLA and SMILE, and there is an extraordinary amount of evidence to demonstrate that they do not cause issues. This is because these procedures are specifically designed to manage vision impairment, but even with this being the case it is important that patients do no elect for the wrong laser eye surgery for their needs. Although problems can happen here, there’s no need to fret as an eye specialist simply would not allow any mix-up to occur. In Australia there have been thousands of cases of people undertaking LASIK surgery and developing 20/20 vision once more, and both SMILE and ASLA also have similarly excellent track records.

The potential risks and side-effects

As with any other surgery, there are a few risks and side-effects that laser surgery can cause. Even though it’s safe for the most part, it is always a possibility that the surgery isn’t executed as it should be – it’s even possible that the surgery doesn’t work at all due to some kind of over-correction or under-correction. This won’t be permanent, however, as if this does indeed happen a follow up procedure will be scheduled in to remedy the issue. In addition to improper correction, it’s also a possibility that some short-term visual issues will develop after the procedure. These can include concerning problems such as a loss of visual sharpness, but there’s no need to worry as these will heal over time. Another issue that tends to heal by itself involves the tear duct film of the eye being damaged. This damage results in dryer eyes, and although the tear duct is usually able to mend itself, there are some instances where a medical follow up is required.

There’s no need to get worked up about laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery has been a fantastic way for people all over the world to receive excellent vision once more. Although the thought of lasers might be scary to some, the safety of this procedure has long been proven and serious complications remain very improbable (in the same way they do for many other procedures and surgeries considered safe). If you’ve been on the fence until now because of some anecdotal horror stories, there’s no need to get worked up – booking your procedure will likely end up being one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself.

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