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How to Select a Best Facelift Treatment center

Facelift surgery is clinically referred to as rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure meant to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the face. Aging and stress tend to reduce the elasticity of the skin resulting in the appearance of wrinkles.

Your aging skin can be fixed by a plastic surgeon through performing a facelift surgery.

Unlike other surgical procedures, a facelift has more at stake as it has to be operated by someone who is both artistically and medically gifted. Hence choosing a good surgeon for a facelift in Toronto (say) is an important step for a successful surgery.

Here are some crucial factors that you should keep into consideration while choosing a facelift facility.

Certification and memberships

The basic criteria and perhaps the most critical is the academic certification of your doctor. As already established, facelift requires a lot of precision. Hence the doctor should be well qualified. Additionally, it is a plus point if your doctor holds prestigious memberships. These will also help you determine the genuineness of your doctor.

Working knowledge

Books can teach us a lot, but it is an experience that will make us a master at anything. Think no differently for your facelift surgeon. Choosing a well-qualified doctor will ensure that the doctor has knowledge but if he is also well experienced he will know things that books can’t teach. You should look at the specialization of the doctor. This should ideally align with your desired surgery.


Asking your friends or family about a doctor before making your choice is also a good idea. You can read online reviews and reach out to people who have consulted the surgeon earlier. It is also mandatory to look at your doctor’s records to check for any malpractices.

Former patients

This could be a simple yet effective way to decide the quality of your doctor’s work. Most doctors will have before and after images of the patients. You need to be careful to not be fooled by images that were either edited artificially or taken from wrong angles. A complete profile would be required to judge quality work.


A facelift surgery can be an overbearing experience if the doctor does not seem to align with your goals. Since these surgeries are done mostly to enhance aesthetic appeal you need to find a compassionate doctor. Your doctor should understand what changes you need. In some cases, the doctor could recommend some other minor changes but make sure that he does not push you for unnecessary ones.


The procedure itself will generally not take more than a day. The recovery time although is 2-4 weeks. A facility that is easy for you to reach would be a good choice in case of any adversities in your recovery or follow-up procedures.

Hospital facilities

You should also make sure that the place or hospital where you will be operated has adequate facilities. The place should also meet sanitation and hygiene standards. Even after you are discharged you should make sure that you will be treated in an emergency arrives.

Alternatively, if your doctor can offer you some benefits in another center that he works could be a good save if an emergency arrives.

conclusion- Facelift can be a life-changing surgery. For a successful one, you need to make sure that you find the right doctor and a suitable facility. Some other key factors could help in making a decision. These are related to cost analysis, since these procedures can be expensive make sure you don’t go overboard. Safety is another important factor. Moreover, the final results should be visible after the initial swelling subsides.

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