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How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Immediately?

Head lice are one of the biggest concerns for mothers when their child scratches his head. Follow the reading and understand all the myths and truths of the topic.

Whether in adults or children, getting rid of head lice is easier than it sounds. Today, there are shampoos to eliminate the problem and some homemade recipes that also help eliminate lice.

First, we will understand what lice are, what causes them, and how they are transmitted. Only then will we understand how to get rid of head lice immediately. When the child’s head itches, we are already worried. Follow the reading and learn how to get rid of head lice right away!

A good way to get rid of head lice is through specific shampoos and products, visit a doctor like lice doctors Chicago for example if it grows worse.

Lice Shampoo

Shampoos or even sprays are great options for getting rid of head lice and nits. They promote the death of insects and facilitate their removal with a fine-tooth comb. Nowadays, there are already several treatment shampoos developed to be applied on dry or wet hair. Read the package label and understand the most suitable way of application.

Create A Routine Of Frequent Combing

The fine comb is essential for mothers who want to know how to get rid of head lice right away. With it, you can spread the shampoo better, eliminate lice and check if the infestation has been controlled. It is essential for children who have contact with others to check their hair frequently, even after treatment. This way, we can prevent the lice from multiplying again.

Comb through each strand of hair with a fine-tooth comb, from the hairline to the ends. Leave the child’s head supported by a white towel or sheet to more easily identify the lice.

Keep Your Towels Sanitized

As mentioned above, lice transmission occurs, in many cases, through the shared use of some objects such as hats, combs, pillows, and towels. That’s why it’s essential to keep these objects always sanitized to avoid and even control infestations and transmissions inside your house.

Follow all our tips and get rid of your child’s head lice right away.

Does Repellent Help?

Using repellent will not eliminate lice, but it will help your child to prevent them from getting close to their heads. This is due to its composition. Repellents have essential oils that release an odor that lice and insects generally do not like, helping to prevent a possible infestation.

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