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How to find out if I am a good candidate for blepharoplasty?

The eyes are not only one of the most important body parts but also play a major role in your overall beauty and appearance. However, when your eyelids are drooping and heavy, you might not feel confident or beautiful. Droopy eyelids will not only affect your aesthetic beauty but also cause vision impairment, which will have negative effects in the long run. 

Even though people have heard of blepharoplasty, not everyone knows they need to consider this treatment. To be honest, the perfect timing for blepharoplasty treatment depends on your condition. Blepharoplasty is a specific type of eye surgery that will remove excess tissue, skin, and fat from the lower and upper eyelids. Here are the signs that would help you know whether you’re a good fit for Peoria blepharoplasty

  • Your Eyelids Are Heavy: Heavy upper eyelids can cause a mature and sultry appearance that can be achieved with the help of cosmetics. However, most of the time heavy eyelids will backfire. There might come a time when heavy eyelids will cause additional problems. For instance, heavy eyelids will strain the eyebrow and eyes, causing excess weight on the eyes. As the muscles in these areas will need to work harder to keep the eyes open, sometimes it will cause severe headaches and pain. 
  • You Have Impaired Vision: As mentioned earlier, heavy upper eyelids will affect your vision, ultimately causing vision impairment. Drooping eyelids will block the frontal vision as the eyelids will end up covering the pupil. As a result, you will face problems completing basic tasks such as reading. Eyelid drooping can also affect your peripheral vision, especially when it affects the outer corners. As peripheral vision is extremely important for reflexes and visual perception, you need to consider undergoing blepharoplasty therapy to address these issues. 
  • You Need to Get Rid of Excess Skin: This is another great way to find whether you’re a great fit for blepharoplasty or not. Heavy eyelids can make you look older with excess or loose skin, especially when you develop wrinkles around your eyes. Excess fat and skin can cause additional problems such as vision impairment, blind eyes, etc. As the skin is more delicate, you need to consider blepharoplasty to lose the excess skin. 

If you think your eyes are one of the most attractive aspects of your body, you cannot afford to make them look pale and old. Make sure you contact a reputed clinic to leverage the best benefits of blepharoplasty. 

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