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How to Decide if I Need Braces for my Teeth

Installation of braces can be a daunting experience for you, but it is necessary to rectify malfunctions in your teeth. However, some teeth problems don’t necessarily need braces. How do you decide when to visit your orthodontists for braces installation.

Crooked teeth

If you have crooked teeth, then smiling in public can be quite embarrassing. It can lower your self-esteem, and braces can help rectify that problem. Placing them on the upper and lower teeth will assist in aligning your teeth properly.

Straight teeth are hassle-free to clean and ensures the alignment of the jaw is correct. You can use the braces despite your age, but early rectification is more efficient. For proper installation, it is essential to visit a professional such as the Dentist Office to get the best results.

Crowded teeth

Crowding of teeth occurs mainly due to minimal jaw space to support all the teeth. If your upper or lower jaw has insufficient space, then it will lead to crowding of the teeth if another tooth develops. Dentists will recommend the removal of a few teeth to avoid crowding.

Once one or more of your teeth are removed, it is essential to use braces on both jaws. They will assist in aligning the teeth if any distortion occurred during the removal process. Also, they will play a significant role in strengthening the teeth.

Cavities and tooth decay

Cavities occur due to failure to maintain proper oral hygiene. Maintenance of clean teeth can be intimidating if the teeth are too close to prevent appropriate flossing and cleaning. If you detect any cavities in your teeth, you can consider using braces on either jaw.

The braces will help in creating ample space between teeth, which will enable proper cleaning. It is important to treat cavities before any advancement as they can lead to tooth decay or loss if left untreated.

If the advancement of cavities has already happened and you now have decayed teeth, it is essential to protect the healthy teeth. Braces will ensure that you can adequately clean the healthy teeth and prevent future tooth decay.

Gum disease

Gum disease, in most cases, occurs due to failure to maintain proper dental hygiene. The gum can bleed or swell due to the build-up of bacteria. The bacteria occur due to the accumulation of food debris in the teeth, and if that happens for prolonged periods, it can affect the gum.

Installing the braces will assist in proper spacing out of your teeth to facilitate appropriate flossing and brushing. Also, the braces will ensure that your teeth are straight.

Malocclusion of teeth

Malocclusion of teeth means a bad bite and varies depending on the alignment of the teeth. It can either be a crossbite, upper bite, or overbite.

  • Crossbite- it occurs when the front teeth are aligned, but the molars are misaligned. In some cases, the jawbone could also be misaligned. In the chewing of food, the molars will tend to crush, and this can be painful. If you experience such, it is recommendable to consider installing braces.
  • Overbite- the teeth in this scenario tend to protrude outwards. In chewing of food, the upper teeth will come before the lower teeth. The best way to rectify such a malfunction is to use braces.
  • Underbite- the bottom teeth come before the upper teeth. Underbite will prevent proper chewing of food for most people.

Wide or small gaps in your teeth

If you have wide spaces in your teeth, then it gives your dental alignment a weird appearance. The best method of rectifying the wide gaps is using braces to narrow down the wide gaps.

Narrow spaces are not also appealing in terms of maintaining good oral hygiene. If the teeth fit tightly together, then it is impossible to floss and clean them properly. The braces will ensure the spaces between your teeth is not too wide or too narrow.

Bottom Line

Braces are used by orthodontics to ensure that your teeth align properly and are also robust. They also help enable you to conduct proper oral hygiene and fixing misappropriation of gaps in the teeth. If you have the above problems, then it is best to consider visiting your dentist for professional braces installation.

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