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How Physiotherapy Became a Mainstream Treatment

Throughout the years, there has actually been a incredible change in the disposition of the medical profession pertaining to physiotherapy. Some years ago, the only individuals regarded as being appropriate to deal with any physical injury, whatever the injury was, was a doctor. Any other individual that attempted to use physical manipulations or massage and even exercise therapy was considered by the medical profession as being a dangerous quack who had no business in the medical profession. Individuals recuperating from a  health problem or operation or even childbirth were urged to stay immobile and to take lots of bed rest. Nurses would often turn those in bed so they would not begin to suffer from “bed sores” from being in the same position for too long.

The disdain of the medical profession regarding physiotherapy as an aid to recovery was conveyed to patients as well as insurance providers who would not pay for treatment options from non-doctors. Yet physiotherapy is certainly not a brand-new technique, it is an ancient art that has actually been used for countless years. Gradually, individuals who were discontented with the treatment that they were receiving from their doctors, or who didn’t want to come to be hooked on pain relief medication, started looking for alternative medicine to relieve their discomfort. Many found success with physiotherapy and told others. The medical professionals began to take notice and began to realise what Hippocrates had known about, namely lack of activity and blood clots in inactive people undergoing treatment. As a result, over the past couple of decades, the attitude of the medical profession regarding physical rehabilitation went from being scornful to one of acceptance.

Possibly the very first contemporary benefits of physiotherapy were seen during the course of the polio epidemics of the 1930s and 40s. With the help of those that understood the benefits of physiotherapy, many children were able to walk again. Sadly, some others that trusted in just the more restricted expertise of doctors at the time remained paralyzed. It obvious, even then, that physical manipulation, exercise and also massage might benefit kids suffering from this crippling illness, however it still took many more years before physiotherapy was accepted into the forefront of medical society.

Today, medical professionals work along with physiotherapists to provide the best treatment and rehabilitation options for their patients. While a surgeon may be able to medical professional can identify a health problem, treat the symptoms with prescription medication, conduct surgical procedures and suggest the most effective therapy for an  ailment or injury, a physiotherapist can aid an individual that is getting better from such treatments to make a much quicker and also safer recovery. Years ago, ladies who gave birth in medical facility were urged to lie down as long as possible and routinely spent a week in the hospital after a natural birth. Today, ladies are motivated to move around as much as possible and are frequently released only two days after delivering. Nature has certainly not changed in this time, of course; however attitudes about movement and medicine have certainly progressed. It is no longer considered advisable for people to remain immobile for weeks at a time without some kind of physical therapy.

The attitude of the medical profession regarding physiotherapy has improved significantly throughout the years and specifically during the past few decades. Today there are numerous opportunities to work within this area, both within the NHS and at private hospitals run by the likes of One Healthcare  for those that wish to help the healing of patients in a safe, reliable way.

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