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How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast implants could last over a decade but often require replacement or removal after a couple of years. Although the standard recommendation for replacement is ten years, the shelf life of implants is highly dependent on the situation.

Implants typically last ten to twenty years, but it is possible to keep them as long as there are no signs of leakage or damage. Many women opt to remove them after eight to ten years, while others keep them for up to twenty.

Factors for Replacement

Like anything, results from implant surgery can vary widely between patients, and preference or physiological response may change over time. Implants are temporary and not intended for permanent use. Identifying the right time for removal or replacement depends on an individual’s preference as well as safety concerns.

Implants are not guaranteed to last for ten years. In some cases, damage or wear and tear could cause the implant to burst or leak. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that medical professionals use MRI or ultrasound imaging to monitor the health of the patient.

The time frame for these assessments is flexible, but those with breast implants should receive regular preventative screenings. Beginning five years after the initial procedure, patients should undergo frequent screenings to monitor any potential damage and catch problems early on.

How Long Is It Safe to Keep Implants?

With constant surveillance, it is safe to keep implants in as long as there are no signs of harm or damage. Doctors and patients should be aware of the importance of safety screenings and adhere to the FDA’s recommendations to avoid any preventable risk.

There is little evidence that shows aging can impact implant safety, as long as there is no damage to the product or its contents.

Patient Preferences

Because breast implants are cosmetic, their timeline for removal depends heavily on the satisfaction of the patient. Regardless of damage or safety threats, many women choose to have their implants removed or replaced within ten years to better suit their preferences.

These decisions could be based on size or comfort but are at the will of the patient.

“Implants are about the patient’s satisfaction, and that plays a great role in the length of time one keeps them,” said Dr. Arezou Yaghoubian of AESTHETICA LA.

How to Monitor Implants Safety

When considering breast augmentation, the patient and surgeon need to assess each patient’s unique case to determine best practices. Choosing the correct size can help prevent future complications with leakage. If they do not fit the patient correctly, implants may cause the skin to stretch or move.

After the procedure, experts recommend patients use proper support to ensure the stability of implants. Specifically, underwire bras provide extra support during activities to prevent movement and the need for subsequent corrective procedures.

Antibiotics are also recommended for patients before breast implant surgery to lessen the chance of bacterial contamination through the blood.

Choosing What is Best

When adequately implanted and maintained, implants can last several years. Some people may want to remove or replace their implants much quicker than others. Monitoring a patient’s safety and satisfaction is important to determine the life of implants. Discussing your individual needs with your doctor is essential to decide how long an implant should last until removal or replacement is necessary.

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