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How is social media marketing beneficial for plastic surgeons?

For a successful career as a plastic surgeon, you need to develop a certain level of trust between you and your clients. To achieve this connection, the best platform available nowadays is social media. Social media marketing can help you achieve your goals and gain new clients. It can also help you promote new procedures and techniques that you are offering at your practice. Retaining your old customers is as important as attracting new clients. “If you’re using social media marketing properly, recently published posts can help you reach the feeds of your former clients and potentially your new target audience. Publishing to your social media channels regularly can help you build a fanbase with the exact people, in the exact location, that you want to reach. Posting about your expertise in plastic surgery via social media and showcasing before and after results allows you to reach a huge number of potential clients,” suggests social media analyst Jenny Rubin from MedShark Digital. With your client’s permission, you can post their before and after treatment pictures, which in turn will attract many potential clients. It can also help generate new clients by  adding a bonus or discount for those procedures in the post’s caption.

Marketing through Facebook:

Facebook is an efficient way to showcase your expertise. It covers a vast range of audiences that use it daily, and most individuals check their feed multiple times a day. Having an account can help you reach your target audience. People love to post pictures; on Facebook you can post before and after pictures of your clients in short, to-the-point posts. Announcing bonus treatments or discounts to  clients who share their before and after images can help you gain and reach new clients in no time. You need to focus on your client’s interests and how to engage them.

Instagram marketing:

Instagram is a very convenient platform for uploading pictures and promotions. It now possesses a story function that allows users to upload photographs and videos to give short updates to one’s followers. For a plastic surgeon, it is an excellent platform for marketing through loading pictures and short videos of their procedures. Use your best photographic skills and get creative with different angles and the filters available on Instagram. Use appropriate captions and be conversational with your posts by encouraging comments. Also, share new products and their reviews to build trust with your clients.

Pinterest marketing:

Pinterest is a platform where people can share and promote their artistic visions and productions. Pinterest is known for its”DIY- Do It Yourself” hacks. The best way to engage people with your page is to post some graphics with some DIY creams or masks and their effects on skin, hair, hands, or feet. You can also post your before and after treatment pictures to reach new clients.

Twitter marketing:

Twitter is used for the immediate communication of short thoughts by limiting the total number of characters per tweet allowed. Plastic surgeons can use it to give updates on different procedures and treatments along with discounts or bonuses to attract more followers. You can also post pictures and share new products you’re selling.

Tips and tricks to get an engaging audience:

All social media posts should be designed to engage followers of all types easily. The content shouldn’t be very complex or technical. It should be simplified so that even the average client is capable of engaging easily. You can also strengthen your communication with your followers by answering their private or public questions. This will improve your brand connection with them and boost the trust level between you and your clients.

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