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How Difficult is an RN to MSN Program?

You may have heard about an online RN to MSN course, but you are wondering how hard it will be to get that Master’s degree. If you get this, you can get better jobs for higher pay and also be able to work much more steady hours, which would give you a welcome work/life balance.

There are several aspects of getting this Master’s Degree that you need to consider. Having those answers could go a long way toward your deciding whether or not you want to move ahead with your attempt. They include

A Lengthy Time Commitment

Whether you are doing this online, full or part-time, you are going to need to devote a good amount of time to get this degree. There are several factors to consider too –

  • Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree? That can take some time off.
  • Did you take prerequisites? In order to get your Master’s in Nursing (MSN), you have to take some advanced classes in subjects like anatomy. It’s important that you thoroughly know the inner workings of the human body, after all.

The Coursework

As mentioned before, the scope of the classwork is more than what you would expect from something like an undergraduate class. MSN programs tend to want you to take advanced science or anatomy classes. If you are thinking of becoming an administrator, then they will also add business classes so that you know how that end of things runs.

You might also have to have a capstone experience by completing a practicum at a medical facility. That depends on what school you attend – they will let you know exactly what is required. They may also need you to keep a certain Grade Point Average to stay in the program.

Other Intangibles

Since you might want to be an administrator, that means that the program might also look at your leadership skills, or try to teach you the best way that you could do this. If you feel like you might fall short in this area, then there are a lot of other jobs that you can get with a Master’s, like a Nurse Practitioner position, or a researcher, among others. Taking leadership classes might be hard, but it will likely not be what keeps you from getting your degree.

Like many other advanced degrees, there is always going to be an element of difficulty that is degrees above what you might expect. That’s the “Master” part of getting a Master’s. You are expected to thoroughly excel in this subject when you are finished. It can be a challenge, but when you find yourself with a better job and higher pay, then it will be worth it for you.

If you are already a nurse and are just looking at getting a Master’s degree, then things might be easier for you. You will already be familiar with a good portion of the things that are being discussed in the classes. The leadership part might come easier, since you know what it is like being in the middle of things and what nurses go through and what they expect of those who are in charge of things.

Of course, if you go from being a nurse to an administrator, especially if you remain in the same hospital or facility, the dynamics might change. People you used to talk to might feel different now that you have some authority. They may not be as open about problems. But if you are ready for that change or you are going to a new place where you can have a blank slate, then this will be worth it.