It has been proven that going to the gym brings a lot of benefits for your health. Amid these advantages, people find it hard to allot time in going to fitness studios due to work obligations and commute. The cost of gym memberships is also a factor why people do not consider going to the gym.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to home workouts. Having said this, people started to join online classes to experience virtual wellness.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes worldwide. Offices, schools, restaurants, and other businesses adapt to the new normal. Alongside these establishments, fitness centers and boxing gyms also have started implementing new ways to cater to the needs of customers.

Fitness studios and gyms began to reopen in most places, but things are not the same. Strict cleaning protocols and contactless workouts are the new trends. Nowadays, the number of participants in gym classes is lessened, the wearing of face masks is encouraged, and bringing your own equipment is supported.

The fitness industry has learned to make adjustments to the changes brought by the pandemic. Let us take a look at how the Covid-19 changed the fitness world.


As people prefer to stay at home, they work out in the comfort of their homes. Having more free time enables them to sweat regularly. Fitness clubs and gyms have set up online and in-house services for their clients. In this way, people may still experience the thrill of exercising even though they are at home. As the threat of the virus is still present, most people enjoy the idea of working out in isolation.


The traditional form of exercise has experienced tremendous changes. Clients grasp the idea of being convenient as they train at home even when gyms reopen. Live and recorded classes become the new norm. Fitness centers need to provide the needs of their clients for them to move forward. With this, integrating mobile applications is an effective way of delivering virtual sessions.


People are more conscious about the cleanliness of equipment, towels, and rooms today. Everyone wants to achieve optimum cleanliness as much as possible. Handwashing and equipment disinfecting guidelines are posted everywhere as a reminder for both clients and staff. To avoid the repetitive use of the same weights or equipment, fitness centers add additional equipment.


Due to the temporary closure of gyms, people are turning to home exercise to keep them fit. With this, they rush to buy equipment on online sites. The high volume of orders caused most items to be out of stock. If you cannot hold on to these products, fitness professionals said that kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands are enough.


Work out enthusiasts began to be more responsible and more focused on their progress. The lockdown caused some to use fitness apps on their mobile phones or laptops. These apps allow people to monitor their progress from time to time. Before and after pictures, fitness assessments, and phone calls are some of the methods used by gym owners to connect with their customers.


The fitness industry suffered financial losses because of Covid-19. Many gyms and fitness studios closed their doors. Also, many gym instructors and staff lost their jobs. However, the fitness world finds ways on how to get up. The implementation of strict cleanliness and strong online support are just a few silver linings that appeared during the pandemic. Through online classes and live streams, several gyms have experienced significant growth as more and more people are accessing virtual fitness content.


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