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Healthcare Tech Companies in Disease Control & Prevention

In May 2013, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie announced to the press that she had done a mastectomy because she was a carrier of a gene that exposed her to increased chances of contracting breast cancer.

To her, prevention was better than the distressing of finding a cure. Many medical experts and practitioners echo the same sentiment. Therefore billions of dollars, according to the foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), have been invested in various healthcare tech companies worldwide in the prevention and control of diseases.

Most of their efforts have paid off, as seen in the following:

Software that Detects Disease Patterns

The most promising and exciting field of medical science is diagnostics, where the latest techniques and tools are being used. Today, there is intense competition between healthcare tech companies worldwide to produce medical software that detects diseases in their early stages, such as cancer.

With the help of the latest medical software, experts can detect and monitor various diseases in real-time. This is one of the best ways to prevent the detection of conditions that may lead to complications and even death. With this help, experts can identify the real-time changes and abnormalities in the patient’s health.

Thanks to this advancement, any medical organization can get access to the latest information and tools by investing in excellent medical software.

Remote Video and Telecommunications

Prevention of diseases like AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, and Parkinson’s is possible with video conferencing solutions provided by the healthcare tech companies. With the help of video technology and new applications, physicians, scientists, and other medical practitioners can study the disease progression and can administer the right medicine at the right time.

It has revolutionized the way diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and Diabetes are treated. With video conferencing, diseases can be prevented, and doctors can study the disease progression before administering the medicine or treatment. The new applications of this technology will further enhance the medical world.

Satellite Imaging

It might sound like something out of a futuristic Hollywood movie, but monitoring and evaluating disease patterns using satellite sensing technology is currently possible.

A good example was in Africa, where medical practitioners could predict the next malaria outbreak and take the necessary preventative steps to save lives. This was possible through the information collected through satellite imaging in some regions of the continent.

The information collected contained an area’s surrounding vegetation, changing climate and temperatures, and water levels. With this information, researchers can predict the next probably likely disease outbreak.

All in all, there is hope. Managing diseases and keeping them under control is no longer a difficult task with the latest medical technology. Its availability makes it possible for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide quality care and services to their patients.

Moreover, it saves a tremendous amount of resources that would otherwise be used to treat patients. Thus, proper utilization of medical information and tools is essential for the management and prevention of diseases. Therefore, proper care and proper monitoring of healthcare tools and systems are essential for proper health management.

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