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Health Insurance: After losing parents, will orphans lose medical cover as well?

Children should receive the utmost care regarding health conditions and diseases, as most of their immune systems are not entirely developed. While the vaccination process during childhood aids the development of their immune system, it is essential to provide them with the necessary healthcare to maintain their health. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused several adults to lose their lives, thereby causing several children to lose their parents. As parents are the primary source to facilitate good healthcare for their children, this loss has caused a greater risk to several children’s health. With nearly 4 Lakh deaths in India due to Covid-19, the number of orphans in the country increases.

A Peek into the Statistics

Statistics from all across India support that several children have lost either one parent or both parents. According to the affidavit filed by NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) on June 1, 2021, as many as 9,346 children have lost either one parent or had been abandoned altogether. This affidavit filed in the Supreme Court is a clear indication of the increase in orphans in the country.  In addition, nearly 1,742 children have been orphaned after losing both parents.

Many believe that the actual number of orphans may be higher than the officially recorded number. Such an increase in the number of orphans has only caused more worry about them availing of the required healthcare at affordable prices with the help of health insurance.

Will Orphans Lose Medical Cover? 

All insurance companies offer health insurance based on certain eligibility criteria. One of the main criteria for health insurance companies to provide an insurance plan is the financial credibility of the parents as the child is considered to be the dependent. Insurance companies typically provide health insurance to cover a dependent child only if one of the parents applies for the health insurance cover along with the child. So, in case of the demise of one of the parents, the insurance provider will continue to provide health insurance cover for the child.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that the child has an active health insurance plan in order to receive the health benefits. So, children will be offered health insurance under the family cover plan until they are 21 years of age. Once they are over 21 years of age, they will have to either renew their health insurance plan or avail of a new plan with a different coverage altogether.

In cases of children who lose both their parents, the legal guardians or relatives can support the child but may not be able to completely cover their healthcare expenditure. The child can still receive health benefits from the insurance plan with the legal guardian as the proposer. Hence,. Orphans will not lose their health cover upon the demise of both their parents, given that the legal guardian pays the premium amount.

In a Nutshell

Orphans will continue to receive health cover if they lose one or two of their parents. However, in cases where they lose both their parents, the legal guardian has to take the position of the proposer.  Hence, it is crucial to avail of health insurance at the earliest to secure the healthcare needs of your child.  You can also use the health insurance premium calculator to understand the premium to be paid. Check out health insurance available on Finserv MARKETS with its benefits of a nominal premium and easy application process.

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