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Health information you should know in your 20s

Life in your 20s can get overwhelming – you’re juggling education, a job, friends and relationships, and maybe planning a family. Having a clear understanding of your health and how to prevent unwanted health concerns can better prepare you to focus on other aspects of your life. A holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle is having a complete understanding of what to expect and how to handle these situations. Especially when it comes to your reproductive health. Information on medical abortions, complications and after care can be useful if the need arises or in case someone needs your advice.

Keeping the following in mind can help you have a more tension-free life.

Here are our top health tips for women in their 20s –

Have a healthy relationship with food and exercise 

Stress is an inevitable part of being in your 20s but managing stress is crucial for a healthy body. Food and exercise have been constantly aimed at being key players in stress management. Find a balance between the two and try to remain consistent with them

Understand Your Body

Understand what you react to and what works for your body, in terms of medication. Whether it’s keeping a track of your menstrual cycle, having protected sex – there are many ways we can ensure that we have a positive relationship with our sexual and reproductive health. Contraception care being one such topics. Forums like Find My Method do great job in helping you understand which contraception works best for your lifestyle.

Prepare Yourself For Unintended Outcomes 

Mistakes and mishaps happen. But what we do after detecting it, is what matters. If your contraception fails and you do wish to continue an unintended pregnancy, options are available. Websites like helps with a step-by-step guide on how to administer the abortion pills up to 11 weeks. The site offers a complete guide in what to keep in mind before and after a medical abortion aka an abortion with pills. You can also translate the site into 27 languages or speak to Ally, the safe abortion assistant for a quicker answer to your concern. Having credible sources like this handy will help ensure a less stressful experience in the future.

The right to choose is, in essence, respecting and valuing the individual. How, when, with whom to start a family, the path to becoming a mother for the first time or the seventh time, whether you decide on becoming a parent now, later or never – the choice to make that decision for yourself is crucial in understanding one’s own identity.

Author Bio:

Michell Mor, eHealth Content Specialist at Women First Digital, an organization helping women about contraception and sexual health.

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