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Get Great Skin in 2022 by Following These Five Skincare Tips by Pros

With 2022 in full swing, it is time to leave your old skincare regimes behind and follow these super easy skincare tips by experts to get flawless skin texture and a healthy skin glow.

Professional skincare treatments have evolved over the years. Instead of focusing on treatments to fix signs of aging, people are now looking to delay these signs from developing at the outset. Likewise, we have seen the skincare trends evolving from “17-step routine” to the most basic “less is more” routine. No one knows for sure which trends will dominate 2022, but here are 5 skincare tips that the pros predict will be the star of the show:

1.     Knowing your skin:

The most important step to begin with any skincare treatment is to first understand your skin. From skin type to texture, sensitivity, tone, etc., everything should be carefully examined and analyzed before making any skincare decisions. Look at your skin and see which element needs more attention, and which products are likely to suit your skin type. You can make use of various skincare tests and devices easily available, such as the SkinCeuticals SkinScope analysis, an LED-based technology that helps carefully examine the skin and assess features like skin tightness and moisture, amongst others.

2.     Decide on an effective professional skincare routine:

With skincare, it is all about persistence and consistency. A professional skincare routine requires consistent effort and maintenance. Get a routine that addresses your skin type and age, and consistently stick to it. Just like a person requires water and food to function, skin requires good skincare treatment to stay healthy and nourished. Example of a good professional skincare schedule:

  • Applying good mineral-based sunscreen, retinol, and a topical oxidant DAILY.
  • Get skin smoothening or skin brightening treatment from a reliable place MONTHLY.
  • Getting Botox (if you are 35 or above) every 3 TO 6 MONTHS.
  • Skin firming treatments by a reliable and trusted professional service, ONCE A YEAR.

3.     Take a premature approach towards signs of aging:

Aging is a natural process that every individual goes through. The pace of aging may vary. Waiting for your skin to show signs of aging and then trying to combat those is a procedure of the past. Now, the best approach is to have a proactive approach for skin aging. Be vigilant regarding your skin and start with anti-aging regimens even before your skin starts showing signs of aging, to delay the onset of these signs, and help keep your skin fresh-looking and healthy for longer.

4.     Enhance and maintain skin treatment results with the right products:

Once you are done with clinic-based skin treatment procedures, consulting your dermatologist and incorporating the right skincare products in your skincare routine can not only maintain the amazing skin treatment results but also help enhance them.

5.     Find and stick to a trusted professional skincare provider:

For the right guidance to keep skin fresh, glowing, and healthy, you must consult a professional skincare provider that can guide you at every step of the way, and make a custom skincare routine for your skin, to cater to all your skin needs. “In the world of skincare, it is highly recommended to stick with one professional skin consultant as they know your skin type even better than you, and can rightfully judge which treatment options are the best for your skin type,” says skin expert Dr. Sacha Obaid from North Texas Plastic Surgery.

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