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Five Important Facts to Consider When Planning to Get a Vasectomy

Undergoing a vasectomy is a significant sexual health decision. It is you who knows if this procedure is right for you, although you can also get advice from a vasectomy doctor on this matter. If you are still not sure whether or not to get a vasectomy, you should consider the facts about this procedure. These include the following:

Vasectomy Can Effectively Control Pregnancy

A vasectomy is an effective birth control method. It may only fail when you engage in unprotected sex too soon following the procedure. In very rare cases, the vas deferens, which refer to the tubes that allow the transport of sperm from your testicles to the urethra, reconnect and allow the sperm to mix with semen. As long as you follow your doctor’s recommendation, you don’t have to worry about this risk.

A Vasectomy Can Be Reversed Through a Complicated Procedure

Due to the permanency of a vasectomy, you should consider it a major life decision. Your doctor can help you reverse the procedure by reattaching your tubes’ ends. But this is a complicated procedure, which may fail. Also, this is costly. When you make the decision to get a vasectomy, you should think about the possibility of you and your partner wanting a reversal of the procedure in the future.

A Vasectomy Has Both Pros and Cons

After you undergo a vasectomy, you won’t have to use other birth control methods anymore. But this procedure doesn’t protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. Just like any surgical procedure, a vasectomy can lead to complications in rare cases. Discuss these risks with your doctor. 

You Have Two Options When Undergoing a Vasectomy

A vasectomy can be done by creating a small incision in the scrotum or making a small puncture in it. Both methods involve cutting and tying off the tubes, so that sperm will not leave the body. You will be administered local anesthesia and medication to help you relax. This procedure can be completed in around thirty minutes. 

You Can Experience Discomfort After the Surgery

During the procedure, you won’t feel pain because of the local anesthesia. You can only feel a slight pulling sensation. To relax, take a few deep breaths. Expect your scrotum to be sore for a few days. To relieve the discomfort, consider wearing snug-fitting underwear and taking pain medication. Also, you can apply ice to the part of your scrotum that has been operated. 

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