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Finding New Career Options In a Post Pandemic World

Many companies worldwide have been devastated by the global pandemic. It has had a profound effect on their employees, with many looking for a new job through no fault of their own. Industries like the retail and hospitality sectors have been forced to close their doors, leaving many people out of work. If this is a familiar story for you, below you will find some advice that may help you consider a new career and find a job that you love.

Matching A Job With Your Qualifications

Depending on your experience and qualifications, you may wish to utilise these and find a similar job to your previous one. If you previously worked in a sector that was hit hard due to the pandemic, this may be hard, although not impossible. Being open to relocating or working further away from home can help you do this, and the more flexible you are, the easier it will be to find a suitable position for you.

Retrain For A Different Career

You can also consider retraining for a different career, such as becoming a certified nursing assistant or an adult carer, which are positions there is still a high demand for in the current climate. Many companies offer discounted rates currently on training packages, so training for a new career may be an excellent choice. It can also allow you to pursue something different if you were not happy in your previous job. If you are open to a new career, many industries are currently hiring, despite the pandemic, which shows you there are options if you are open-minded and search hard enough.

Industries Currently Hiring New Staff Members

Whether you are looking for a care job in West Wickham or a customer service position anywhere else in the country, some of the following industries are still actively employing new people:

  • Nursing – Throughout the pandemic and before, there is a shortage of qualified nurses, so you can consider going back to university and retraining for this rewarding career.
  • Health & Social Care – There is also a high demand for people in this sector, and you could find yourself working in a company that you love if you choose this career.
  • Adult Social Care – Many people, who are getting into social care, want to work with children. However, there is a high demand for adult social care workers, with jobs available throughout the country.
  • Remote Customer Service Roles – With so many people having to work from home, it has put a strain on the customer service departments of many companies. People now have to chat online or call to speak to someone as they cannot visit a shop or office location.
  • Warehouse Operatives – With so many people shopping online, there is also a high demand for people working in warehouses to fulfil their orders.
  • Delivery Drivers – As people cannot collect their orders they need the delivered, which has seen the demand for delivery driver’s increasing since the pandemic took grip.

Keep An Open Mind

You must keep an open mind when looking for a new job in the current economic climate and remain positive. Many companies plan on opening up again and hiring new staff members, but this will be dictated by the restrictions put in place by the government. Think outside of the box and reformat your CV for every position you apply for to help you stand out from the crowd, and with a bit of luck and perseverance, you can find the perfect new role for you.

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