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Digital Marketing’s Impact on the Healthcare Industry


Digitization of the Healthcare Industry                                                                                                                   1

Booking Appointments through Website                                                                                                                1

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing                                                                                                           2

Increased Awareness among Customers                                                                                                                2

The rise in Use of Mobile Apps                                                                                                                                  3

A Prescription for Marketers                                                                                                                                     3

We all have heard on countless occasions that digital marketing is everywhere. It has seeped through every industry and changed the way brands communicate with their customers.

Sure some purists feel that digital marketing is overrated;  it is just a fad that people will eventually get tired of. Such people are a part of a minority. The rest of the business world is rapidly adopting digital mediums in its marketing strategy and statistics support this claim. Nowadays, 70% of consumers learn about products through content instead of traditional mediums.

46% of the local searches on Google are related to local information and 72% of the customers who search for local businesses online end up visiting stores within five miles.

These statistics serve as a testament to the power of digital marketing. They are a sign that this new field is here to stay and that it will continue its dominance in multiple industries in the years to come.

Digitization of the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and blockchain electronic health records are just a few examples of digital transformation in the health care industry. They have altered the way health professionals communicate with patients, and the trend will likely continue in the next few years.

To a layman, digitization of the healthcare industry might feel overwhelming. However, for health professionals, digitization has almost been like a blessing in disguise because of how it has streamlined processes, optimized systems, improved patient outcomes, and reduced the chances of human error.

The impact of digitization isn’t just limited to medical procedures; it has even extended to how medical institutions and professionals market their services.

We have already talked about the impact of digital marketing in general. Now it’s time to take a look at how it has affected the healthcare industry. So let’s jump in:

Booking Appointments through Website

Gone are the days when patients called a doctor’s office to book an appointment. These days, patients prefer using websites or apps for booking appointments instead. Statistics show that 60% of patients prefer to get reminders for doctor appointments on their phones.

The information given above illustrates the importance of providing customers with a clean digital experience. Suppose if an app or a website is clunky and patients are struggling to navigate through the menus and options available, it can result in the medical facility losing its patients.

The website layout is especially important in the world of digital marketing. Since the majority of people view websites on their phones, they should be responsive enough to adapt to different screen sizes. Plus, content should be clear, concise, and easy to read.

The content, layout, and relevancy of a website also have an impact on its visibility on search engines, and this brings us to our next point.

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is broadly categorized into paid media and organic media. The latter includes social media and search engines and is an integral part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Search engines, in particular, are useful for helping a brand grow organically. There are billions of searches on Google, Bing, and other search engines daily. Usually, people are more likely to click on search results that appear on top of the page.

Through search engine marketing, businesses can improve their visibility in the search results, boost their rankings, and hence get more people to visit their website. The more visitors on a website, the higher the chances of getting conversions.

In the healthcare sector, customers tend to be a lot more careful. They want to make sure they are making the right choice. After all, they are entrusting their health in the hands of medical professionals. Therefore, people also use search engines to get an idea regarding what others have to say about their experience with an institution.

Presence on search engines and social media and positive reviews from previous patients have an impact on the reputation of an institution. Video reviews, in particular, are preferable since they incorporate a more personalized touch.

An institution’s content marketing strategy also plays a role in building a patient’s perception of the facility. Usually, customers respond more positively to video content.

This kind of content gives customers an insight into facilities available at the institution. It is a peek into the kind of reception that a patient can expect when they visit a facility, a form of branding activity.

Adding a CTA at the end of the video creates an instant brand recall in the minds of customers so that they remember to call the medical facility in case the need arises to book an appointment.

Increased Awareness among Customers

Customers no longer limit themselves to doctor’s opinion these days. They instead use search engines to look up their symptoms and find out what is wrong with them.

Since customers have tools that enable DIY solutions, marketers have no other choice but to change their strategy and focus more on products and services.

For example, if there is a search query like “Do I have Glaucoma?” marketers should try to ensure that a user gets to see the page that has all information related to the disease along with the Optometrist’s number for booking an appointment.

In addition to providing a user what they want, this tactic also allows medical facilities to improve their ranking on search engines.

The rise in Use of Mobile Apps

A research study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research shows that 58% mobile users have downloaded at least one mobile health app on their phones. It has also been observed that people in general prefer to have health and fitness apps installed on their phones.

Marketers can use this to their advantage by putting up digital ads over these platforms. Marketers can access customers’ data via the app and use it to display digital ads based on the customer’s preferences.

A Prescription for Marketers

40% of people have stated that the information they see on social media has an impact on their decisions related to healthcare. Furthermore, people aged 18-24 are more likely to discuss health issues on digital mediums than older people.

These statistics highlight the importance of having a strong digital marketing strategy in the healthcare industry.

The advantages of digitization are not just limited to the end consumers, they even extend to doctors.

Doctors can use social media to reach out to patients directly. They can engage with customers online and build an online community that addresses health issues online.

Digital marketers need to remember that their customers are active researchers and they need to ensure that they are available to cater to the needs of customers through all mediums available at their disposal.

Digital Marketing is here to stay

The best part about digital marketing is that it’s relatively cheaper than traditional marketing. Instead of spending large sums on billboards and print advertisements, all you need is a good internet connection and some basics of marketing principles.  So what are you waiting for? Get a high-speed internet connection just like that comes with AT&T internet packages and start reaching out to customers and make a difference!

Baldwin Jackson is a successful digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization and content marketing. The perfect balance of his analytical ability and creative thinking is what sets him apart from other practitioners in the digital marketing realm. He has helped a lot of small and medium-sized businesses in crafting their digital marketing strategies that are not only cost-effective but delivers results as well.

Baldwin is also a proud father of two kids and a Sports enthusiast. When he is not working, you will find him watching ESPN and NFL network. He has been able to get an amazing package on his favorite channels from

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