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Dental Care: Why Getting Braces Has No Age Limit

We all love a beautiful smile, and no one can deny how a straight set of teeth can add to one’s physical attractiveness. Just look at the many movie celebrities turning to veneers to achieve shiny white teeth.

You probably haven’t noticed this change in your favorite stars but try and look for old photos and do the comparison. You’ll wish to have that kind of smile, too.

After our teenage years, many of us tend to ignore the importance of dental care and oral hygiene thinking that they can get away with brushing once a day. Many busy adults don’t even make appointments with their dentists until something is wrong.

Some people also think that getting braces in their adult years is kind of embarrassing even while they continue to struggle with crooked and misaligned teeth.

Today we want to break away from this stigma and remind everyone that getting braces has no age limit.

The Benefits of Getting Braces

Already in your 20s and you decided to do something about your crooked teeth. You’re hesitating because you don’t want to look like some high school nerd. If you want to achieve straight teeth, get over those stereotypes and focus on the real benefits.

#1 A Healthy and Properly Aligned Bite

Crunching and chewing on food is so instinctive to who we are that we hardly ever think about them consciously. Minus the occasional toothaches that hurt like hell, most of us like to imagine that we have no problems with our teeth. If you have visibly crooked and misaligned teeth, you’re doing more damage to your oral health by not fixing it.

Crooked and misaligned teeth are:

Hard To Clean: You might be enjoying a super bowl snack, but without a properly aligned bite, food can get stuck in your teeth and stay there for days. Straight teeth are easier to clean as there won’t be any nooks and crannies inside your mouth where food can get stuck.

Prone to Diseases and Complications: As a result of food getting stuck, your teeth are prone to cavities and gum diseases. In the long-term. They can also put too much pressure on your jaw muscles and cause more problems in the long-term. You may also have an impacted tooth you’re not aware of and you’ll need surgery to fix it.

#2 You’ll Look Better

Another excellent advantage to getting fitted with braces is that you’ll look better after the treatment. People are naturally attracted to symmetry, and more people will start to notice your smile. So, apart from the health reasons, there are social benefits to fixing your smile.

Improved Confidence: Even if you don’t mind it personally, you may feel embarrassed about your crooked teeth when talking and socializing with people. After your orthodontic treatment, you’ll likely experience a surge in your confidence, not only because you want to show off your new teeth, but because you’ve learned the value of a great smile.

Speaking Better: Crooked and misaligned teeth lead to difficulty in chewing and even speech impediments. You may find it hard to articulate the words or find it hard to pronounce some words. You may also experience lisp or whistling.

Treating your crooked teeth, therefore, aren’t just aesthetics, it also has many health benefits.

The Earlier, The Better

The earlier you get fitted with braces, the more effective they can be at fixing and realigning your teeth, which is why most people get them during their teens. As an adult, it may take you much longer.

In some instances, getting the permanent change with braces at a later age is impossible, and you’ll be stuck wearing a retainer to keep them from going back to their original places. Of course, you could take it a step further and get surgery, but that’s above traditional braces.

Expect Discomfort

Braces are always accompanied by discomfort because they will hurt during the first few days or weeks, and it will take some time before your mouth adapts. And, even after your mouth eventually adapts, frequent visits for readjustments will bring you back to the initial stage. The pain and discomfort can also make it very troubling to eat and drink at the beginning.

However, Think Long-Term

Overall, we want you to weigh your options. Sure, there’s merit to not getting braces if none of these benefits excite you and the cons worry you. However, also note the risk you’re taking by keeping your crooked and misaligned teeth.

Think long-term and how the benefits of getting braces to fix your misaligned teeth outweigh the initial discomfort.

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