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Compelling Reasons to Consider Pursuing Health Science Courses in Henderson

The field of health sciences is diverse and offers a number of career opportunities. It is a multidisciplinary field that covers science and healthcare. Roseman University is a great choice for Henderson students who are interested in pursuing a degree in health sciences. It is the most sought-after leading private college of health sciences in Henderson.

The university offers a broad range of courses, has excellent faculty and research opportunities. A person with a degree in health sciences can work either in clinical or academic fields. You can choose which ever area that you are inclined to.

Health science courses offered:

The broad range of health science courses available in Henderson makes it possible to easily find a course that interests you. Each course is designed to help you excel in various roles in the healthcare sector. Some of the popular courses are:

Associate’s Degree Courses:

These courses provide basic foundation for your higher education. The subjects covered are human anatomy and physiology, biology principles, ethics in health care, basics of chemistry etc.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses:

The courses help students to prepare for different careers. The subjects covered include epidemiology and biostatics, health informatics, public health practices, environmental health, health care economics, health care quality management etc.

Master’s Degree Courses:

The subjects are more specific and include health care management, health care policy, public health, disease management, risk management, health education etc.

Doctorate Degree Courses:

The courses help you research topics on a global level and includes subjects like global health issues, clinical competencies in health care, global epidemiology, patient safety etc.

Career opportunities for health science degree holders:

  • Diagnostic services: Involves monitoring existing or new health problems to treat or diagnose medical conditions and advising labs on tests to take when an abnormality is spotted.
  • Therapeutic services: Involves providing direct care, counseling services, treatment plans and educating people about their illness and help them during their healing phase.
  • Support services: Jobs with assistant type roles. You can assist primary care providers in different areas of healthcare including psychiatric, home health, medical equipment etc.
  • Health informatics: Technology lovers can take up a job in health informatics. It involves applying technology to plan, deliver and manage health care services.
  • Biotechnology research and employment: These jobs are more research-oriented. It involves researching and studying diseases and working out a treatment plan for it.

Health science bachelor’s degree holders in Henderson can expect good income and make anywhere between $35000 and $93000 based on their position. The flexibility the degree offers in addition to the excellent job prospects makes health science an attractive choice of career.

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