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Choose the Correct Type of Mask for Coronavirus Protection?

Preventing the spread of coronavirus is of prime importance as the number of cases is growing daily. The cases are on the rise and have been taking many lives daily. Face masks have been used widely to stop or control the spread of this virus. These gloves and facemasks can help protect the spread of the disease but if you are using the right masks and in the right way.

It can either be a medical disposable device or protective equipment which protects the spread of this contagious virus. Different types of masks offer different level of protection. There are various masks available in the market some of which are disposable while some could be used for few washes. People have been using different kinds of masks while some are also using a bandana or homemade masks. There has been very limited information circulating about the effectiveness of homemade masks. A Health Insurance Policy in the time of crisis could save the day and thus it is necessary to get one.

How to choose the best mask?

There are various criteria now which one must pay attention to while choosing a mask which includes the level of protection offered, type of mask etc.

Application: The mask must be chosen depending on the profession and the level of contagious viruses one is exposed to. There are different kind of masks for doctors while the masks for normal individuals are completely different so it depends on the level at which the person is exposed to the virus.

Is paper surgical single-use mask good or is a cloth mask better?

There has been a lot of debate around the use of different kind of masks and the parameters which define these types of masks. There has been emerging use of any kind of mask expect the surgical mask. A bandana may help to protect from the viruses but it is better to get definitive protective equipment. Scarves and bandana material were very less effective but still has the capability of capturing some particles.

How to take off and on a mask safely?

It is important to clean your hand before putting on any mask with soap and water. It is important to cover the nose and the mouth with the mask and to make sure that there are no gaps between the face and the mask. Any type of physical contact in the face must be avoided after wearing the mask. Also, while removing the mask it is necessary to use the elastic tags and not the front of the mask to ensure safe removal. If the mask is reusable directly put it for the washing or if it is not reusable put it directly in the dustbin.

How often one should wash a mask?

It is suggested to wash a mask after every use which will keep any kind of bacteria’s away at all the possible causes.

Coronavirus health insurance has been specifically introduced to cover people in the time of crisis and has been helpful in different cases.

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