Having healthy, glowing skin is every teenage girl’s dream and so many skincare products targeting different skin conditions are present on the market today. Many skincare trends and new products promise glowing skin that it becomes confusing to decide what is best for your skin. Innovative technologies are emerging in […]

With how popular Botox has gotten, it is to be expected that the number of practitioners is also on the rise. It has come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the inner workings of the beauty industry that many new practitioners have started operating all across the […]

If you have naturally oily skin, summer can be a bit of a challenge for you. The warmer weather can lead to an increase in your sebum production, leaving you feeling greasier and stickier than usual. It can also be a struggle to layer on your skincare products, as you […]

Skin problems can be extremely distressing, as it can be difficult to cover them and make you afraid to step out in public. However, there are ways you can cover-up or treat many common skin issues, whether they’re on the face or body, and here are some ways you can […]