Breast implants could last over a decade but often require replacement or removal after a couple of years. Although the standard recommendation for replacement is ten years, the shelf life of implants is highly dependent on the situation. Implants typically last ten to twenty years, but it is possible to […]

BlueChew is a company that delivers chewable tablets to men with erectile dysfunction (ED). This telemedicine service is one that men can count on to get what they need without having to make multiple trips to the same pharmacy or having uncomfortable conversations with their regular doctors. But is BlueChew […]

What is in Vaporizer Juice? While many people know that what’s in Vaporizer Juice is important for your health, not all are aware of the 4 ingredients listed. The most popular is Propylene Glycol or PEG as it’s often referred to as. The fourth ingredient is Vegetable Glycerin or VG. […]

Fungal eye infections leave over half a million population around the world blind in one eye every year. Corneal infections are devastating to your eye health especially when they are triggered by fungal keratitis. Fortunately, these infections can be prevented and even treated using some simple tips. That’s what we […]

Cannabis is becoming the 21st-century medical miracle. For decades, it was illegal to grow, possess, or even use marijuana. Statistics show that arrests on cases touching marijuana were higher than for all violent crimes combined. But that’s not the case anymore. Different states in the United States, including California, are […]