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Brazilian Hair Removal Singapore: Is it Bad to get a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Brazilian hair removal is a type of treatment by which the hair can be completely removed from a particular body part. The laser used works on the melanin pigment found in the hair follicles, and this helps to destroy them without damaging the skin or other surrounding tissues.

This procedure has also been found to have a long-lasting effect compared to most other methods that are available for taking off unwanted body hairs. There are different types of lasers used for Brazilian hair removal in Singapore, but among all these lasers, Alexandrite lasers have been considered as some of the best options because they work on all skin colors and tones with equal efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Getting Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

It is appropriate to weigh the benefits vs. risks of any cosmetic treatment before consenting to the procedure. If you’re wondering whether Brazilian laser hair removal is worth it, the most straightforward answer is; there are many benefits associated with getting this treatment done. Here are some of benefits you can hope for:

  • You can get rid of the body hairs easily. Unlike other modes of hair removal like waxing and sugaring, the lasers used in Brazilian laser hair removal do not leave any skin irritation or other side effects that can be worrisome.
  • This treatment is also cost-effective when compared to other methods like electrolysis and waxing.
  • The laser treatments work on all types and colors of hairs irrespective of their ability to regrow, which makes it a good option for removing unwanted body hairs and even managing conditions like hirsutism, loosely defined as excessive hair growth.

How much does it cost to get Brazilian hair removal in Singapore?

To begin with, this treatment is US FDA approved so really, there are no health concerns provided that you are a good candidate for laser treatments. If you choose to have Brazilian hair removal in Singapore, you can expect to pay anywhere between $295 and $1195.

The cost of this treatment varies depending on the part that needs to be treated. Generally, if you need only one session to get rid of all your unwanted hairs in certain parts like the chin or upper lips, it may cost around $150-$200. But if you want to do multiple sessions for removing body hair from the entire bikini area or legs, it can even go up to even $1500+ (per single session).

Are There any Side Effects to Acknowledge Beforehand?

Brazilian laser hair removal isn’t necessarily dangerous, but it does have some side effects associated with it. Some of the side effects that your dermatologist may want you to know beforehand include;

  • A mild burning sensation: Since the treatment involves the application of lasers to your body, you may feel a burning sensation on the area where hair is being removed. However, this sensation is mild and will go away in just a few hours
  • Slight swelling: A little bit of swelling in the area where hair is being removed can be expected. It will usually last for about 3 to 5 days, depending on the parts being treated and your skin type.
  • Red skin irritation: There may be some redness following the laser removal session, which usually lasts about 12 hours. However, if there’s any severe skin reaction or blistering, you should contact your dermatologist right away because it could indicate an infection caused by bacteria.

To minimize the risks of complications, your plastic surgeon may want you to observe a number of things before and after your treatment. Some of the recommendations you may expect include;

  • Not waxing or having electrolysis treatment for several weeks before the procedure because it can cause skin damage, interfering with treatment results.
  • Taking an anti-inflammatory medication like aspirin is not recommended during the treatment but is okay after the laser treatments are over.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight in the treated area for at least 24 hours following your session; wearing sunscreen would be a good idea instead.
  • Avoid applying perfumes or deodorants in the treated area.
  • Avoid taking hot baths or showers for 24 hours following your session to avoid any kind of irritation from water contact with the skin.
  • You should avoid wearing tight clothes around the treated areas and not exposing the treated areas to any kind of friction for 24 hours after treatment.

How long does it last?

The Brazilian laser hair removal treatment that you will be getting will need a few sessions to get rid of all unwanted hairs on a particular part, depending on how thick and dark they are. Depending on your skin type and tone, you may even need four treatments every six weeks to have a permanent decrease in excess body hair for good.

 In fact, this particular treatment is known to be able to provide near permanent results which other treatments fail to deliver. Brazilian hair removal in Singapore also isn’t painful enough to make you want to run screaming from the clinic.

However, you might feel a slight stinging sensation when the laser is applied to your skin, but this feeling doesn’t last long and will go away as soon as it comes.

To help manage potential discomfort, your dermatologist may want you to take a single aspirin tablet before the session. So, how painful is this laser hair removal treatment? Well, you can consider it as being something between waxing and plucking your hair out one by one – which means that it isn’t very painful at all.

Other Considerations before Getting a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal done

As far as other risks associated with this method of body hair removal are concerned, there really aren’t many unless you suffer from any pre-existing condition like diabetes or high sensitivity to sunlight. For best results, make sure that you avoid tanning for about six weeks before going in for your sessions.

If you’re taking prescription drugs, inform your dermatologist beforehand because certain medicines can cause skin pigmentation and make you unsuitable for laser hair removal. Also, do not shave or wax any area that is going to be treated with the laser.

In Closing

It isn’t bad to get Brazilian hair removal in Singapore because it is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted body hairs without getting too many side effects associated with it. It is a good option for both men and women who want a long-lasting solution to their problem of excessive body hair growth. The treatment can last from four months upwards, depending on the skin type and rate of hair growth in each case. Laser treatments are also commonly used for other cosmetic purposes like tattoo removal etc.

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