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Biomedical research to promote human health and understand the living world

For more than 50 years, biomedical research has made exceptional progress and scientists have learned to understand complex biological mechanisms at a high level. Scientific breakthroughs such as the discovery of the detailed structure of DNA and the development of cell biology have revolutionized current science. In the process of biomedical research acquisition, researchers have discovered treatments for diseases and preventive methods to deal with certain pathologies.

Thanks to the sequencing of the genome, it is now known how the most complex pathogens and biological systems are composed. However, due to the large number of discoveries and advances, scientific regulatory agencies are even more vigilant before approving a new product.

The ever-increasing cost of drug development

Biomedical research has a cost. For a drug to be validated by the competent authorities, research expenses amount to nearly two billion euros. In addition, with the tough competition in the paramedical market, many degenerative diseases are treated with the utmost care.

New concepts in medicine

In the past, doctors only intervened when patients showed severe or painful clinical signs. Today, medicine advocates regular follow-up with a health care professional. There are many chronic and silent diseases that do not manifest themselves until years after the patient has contracted them.

Therefore, regular medical visits, examinations and complete medical check-ups should be organized in order to detect possible pathologies before they manifest themselves.

Case of adult diabetes

In type II diabetes, the patient can spend 20 years of his life without showing any signs of the disease. However, if he or she is consulted regularly, a physician could discern the symptoms and find the appropriate preventive treatment for the disease. This would greatly reduce the risk of contracting severe forms of the disease.

The case of Alzheimer’s disease

It is known that Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that sets in quietly for years before the first clinical signs appear on the patient. Researchers have estimated that it is possible to postpone the onset of symptoms by five years, just by preventive screening.

With the new vision of modern medicine, this proactive way of dealing with diseases before they appear, the risks on health are reduced. Scientific advances are being made every day in various areas of biomedical research and the wheel is not about to stop turning.

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