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A Brief Guide to Instagram Creator Studio

Instagram Creator Studio is a sophisticated way to manage all your posts, videos, stories, and reels. One can access Creator Studio from a desktop, monitoring everything from a single panel. Creator studio is dedicated mainly to those people who are not into business but want to reach a greater number of audiences. Many people use the Creator Studio after they buy Instagram followers which help them study their Instagram followers. The creator studio first came into existence with Facebook but when Facebook collaborated with Instagram it was available for Instagram users as well. Creator Studio is a blessing for all the content creators.

What are the Advantages of Creator Studio?

Act as Content Library:

It is very difficult for all the content creators to monitor all the content that they have uploaded. Posts, stories, reels, and videos when uploaded at different times shows responses randomly. It becomes cumbersome to reply to all the notifications. So, on a desktop of Content Studio, one can find all the uploaded stuff at a single panel. Also, you can easily examine the interaction between your posts and the audience. Even for a post that was uploaded a few days back, one can check who all pay attention to it, their comments, their shares, and re-shares and all the likes. This aids in knowing the taste of the audience. Hence, in this way one knows what to share next to make the post even more engaging.

Schedules Everything:

Though all the content creators want to upload the stuff at a pre-scheduled time, there is a huge possibility that some random issues come up. Publishing posts at a scheduled time is a crucial factor for your growth. Creator Studio allows you to make your planning and schedule them, this way they will give you prior notifications and post at a scheduled time. This ensures that you never miss on reaching your audience. It also gives an option from where you can directly upload your content. The option is generally available on the left-hand side of the Creator Studio desktop site.

Provides Insights Analysis:

Insight option is to make a content creator aware of the activity of its audience. Tapping on Insight option will give you an in-depth analysis of your content. The option tracks your content and its performance. This is one of the main reasons why business accounts have a strong desire to switch for Creator Studio. Insight button for business accounts hardly gives any information about the taste of the audience whereas; in the case of Creator Studio performance of the audience is divided into two categories. The Activity section tells you about the likes, comments, shares, saves, reach and reactions. Indicating the impact of your feed made in the market. Another section called the Audience section tells you about the audience. Like their gender, age group, location, and active times. This kind of insight is helpful for any content creator to grow its followers.

Supervise Direct Messages:


When one reaches a greater number of audiences it is generally not possible to reply all. Not replying to some important messages may create a bad image of your profile. Creator Studio has a perfect solution to it, it offers you two folders to manage your direct messages. You can set some default messages for both the section i.e., Primary and General and your job will be to just put the messages in each section. Creator studio also allows you to change settings for your previous replies, so it does not matter if you come to know about Creator Studio now.

An asset to all the Brands and Products

Instagram Creator Studio has now come up with a Shoppable feature. Initially, the feature was only for business accounts but since Instagram never favours only one type of account, Shop able feature is now available for a small group of influencers too. Using this feature allows a business owner or a small group of influencers to tag their products directly into their post. In this way, it will be extremely easy for users to get the products by just few clicks and for brands the Shop able feature will act as a tipping point. Brands are using the feature after they buy Instagram likes and analyze all kinds of audience through Creator Studio, which interact with their content to better target the followers.

How to Switch for Instagram Creator Studio?

All the content creators now if have felt that there is a tremendous need to use Creator Studio then you must know how to switch for it. Though the feature is not biased but still has its preferences. One can access and operate the feature only from desktop and not via mobile. Check out the following steps if you are interested in the Creator Studio feature:

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Click on account option.
  3. Select ” Switch to Professional Account”
  4. Type “Blogger” in the category.
  5. If you are operating Instagram from a mobile you must see only “Business” option but if you are following the steps over a desktop then you must encounter two options one of “Creator” and the other of “Business”. Select the Creator option and enjoy all its features.

What are the top three differences between Business’s account and a Creator’s account?

Though Business’s account and Creator’s account look similar in various ways, they are different in some features. Both the accounts have some advantage over another. Selecting which account suits you the best, is possible only after knowing these differences. Let us examine them one by one:

  1. Insights: Creator account is a little more advantageous when it comes to know about a post and how the audience interacted with it. A business account provides you with weekly data whereas the creator account provides you with day-by-day data. A person with a motive to reach a greater number of the audience must opt for the creator’s account. Creator’s account will give you more detail of your growth.
  1. Creator Account does not support Third-party apps: A person with endless content if wants to schedule it over the creator’s account then it might not be possible for you. A person with this aim must go with a business account as the account supports third-party apps such as analytical and scheduling apps.
  1. Customers are not allowed to Call: A person with a business account is accessible to receive calls directly from its customers, whereas this feature is not available in the creator’s account.

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