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90% of Video Games Make You Obese but Not This One

Are you a gaming aficionado? Do you play online multiplayer games for long hours? These addictive games can keep you away from physical activity and the unhealthy lifestyle can slowly make you fat or even obese. Many games like World of Warcraft, Civilization, PUBG, or Fortnight take hours and hours of time at a stretch and keep you from going out in the real world. 

Constantly sitting in front of the computer screen can affect your health in many ways. Some of the most common side -effects of playing long hours of games are as follows.

  • Inability to concentrate at hard tasks
  • Eye pain or even Myopia
  • Growth of belly fat and neck fat
  • Constant irritability
  • Inability to do even the regular and ordinary works.

These are but only a few of the most common side effects of regular and continuous gaming. In a few extreme cases, constant gaming could lead to obesity. This is because most people who play for long hours do not get up, move around or exercise. 

The latest game that we are going to show will push you to be more active in your life. In fact, it helps to burn fat and get fit in a fun and exciting way. Lo and behold the online running / cycling app – Vingo

Vingo – An Exciting Game for Health Conscious People  

When you gamify a dull and mundane task, it not only becomes easy to do it but it also helps you to stick to the schedule regularly. When you install the Vingo app it is easy for you to show up everyday for your exercise sessions. 

Unlike the more famous apps in the market that make you sit in the same place and lead an unhealthy lifestyle, Vingo helps you to move around. You will soon start to run on the treadmill daily or cycle daily. The gameplay moves when you move on your treadmill or cycle through.

Stunning Features of the Gameplay

Once you install the Vingo app you will realise that the graphics in the app are stunning. It enhances your running or cycling experience. It will be a cool thing if you have good VR goggles. However, the app is yet to support enhanced features. Since the app is constantly getting updates and new features, maps, locations, and skins, you can be assured that the app will soon become one of the best places to workout. 

It allows you to compete with your friends or family in real time. So, instead of competing with them in some strange shooting or strategy game, you can fight one on one in the running or cycling. 

You can also take your canine companion in the game. The app has many skins for your dogs and since all the features can be bought by winning in the laps, you will be forced to up your running or cycling skills.

Stop Playing Old & Addictive Games

If you have ever gone to a gym, you would know that working out with a friend is much easier than toiling yourself in the rigorous circuit. Most people who embark on the journey of healthy life, often don’t get the necessary support and companionship. This app, however, helps you to provide the urgent care that is required to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the unique advantages of installing this app is that you can take your life partner in your exercise journey. More often than not, couples tend to mirror each other physically. So, if you’re not healthy, there is a high chance that your partner or spouse is also unhealthy. This app helps you both to provide urgent care for your health.

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