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9 Ways To Maintain Healthy, Youthful-Looking Skin as You Age

An essential part of loving the skin you’re in is caring for it regularly. Your skin is your largest and most exposed organ, meaning it requires specialized care to sustain a young, healthy and glowing appearance. Here are nine tips you can follow when creating and adjusting a customized skincare routine that meets your needs and expectations for a youthful, gorgeous glow.

Consider Plastic Surgery

While cosmetic surgery may not be your first resort, it is an option for achieving the look you want when all else fails. Sometimes, products and nutrition aren’t enough to overcome genetics, gravity and the effects of natural aging. If you’re in good health and you’ve tried everything from facials to retinol, but you still can’t shake the droopy, wrinkled or puffy skin, you may be an excellent candidate for a facelift, neck lift or eyelid surgery. A great surgeon may be all you need to boost your confidence so you can love looking at your reflection in a mirror again.

Stay Hydrated

It’s no secret that hydration is the backbone of health. In addition to the many overall benefits to your body, your skin thrives on moisture and the best way to nourish it is by drinking plenty of water daily. If you want a naturally dewy, radiant complexion, then you should swap the soda for a tall glass of water. In fact, the general recommended intake is 64 ounces (nearly 2 liters) per day.

Manage Your Diet

If you’re unhappy with the state of your skin, take a good long look at what you eat, and dive into the research on how nutrition affects your largest organ. Studies show that underlying issues related to diet and gut health can manifest on the skin in many unsettling forms, like eczema or acne. Limit damaging foods like those that are processed and those containing harmful dyes and unnatural additives. If you take the time to nourish your body from within, you’ll notice fewer flaws on the outside.

Supplement With Collagen

Collagen exists in abundance within the human body, but your natural supply will deplete as you age. Therefore, to support the strength of your hair, skin and nails with healthy amino acids, it’s important to add a supplement to your daily routine. Doing so will allow your body to absorb hydrolyzed collagen peptides that stimulate your natural cell renewal process and promoting a firm, shining complexion.

Use Daily Sunscreen Protection

While moderate sun exposure is good for your skin and body, too much is detrimental. Daily sun protection is essential for maintaining smooth, clear, young-looking skin. Regardless of where you reside in the world, you should be applying a clean, mineral-based SPF 30 or higher as the final step of your skincare routine each morning.

Wash With Lukewarm Water

Washing and rinsing your face, neck and hair with hot water contributes to the decline of your complexion health because it strips the outer layer of your skin of the natural oils that work to protect it from the elements. This leads to dryness and excessive oil production, leading to compromised barrier health, redness, splotchy patches and potential breakouts. Conversely, if the water is too cold, the cleansing ritual won’t be effective for removing dirt, makeup and excess oil. The best practice is a happy medium. Gently perform your skincare routine using lukewarm water for the best results.

Moisturize After Cleansing

One of the most important components of healthy skin is moisture, and the time you apply it matters. You should begin your skin care regimen immediately after showering or bathing, making quick work of replenishing the moisture that has been removed from your dermis and sealing it in. Scrubbing away your natural oils without replacing them can lead to an overproduction beneath the surface, so it’s imperative you invest in a quality moisturizer to assist in regulating your skin’s biological cleaning process.

Exfoliate, but Not Too Often

A quick and easy way to brighten your complexion is to exfoliate with a gentle, non-irritating toner or cleanser that works to dissolve and remove dead cells from the surface of your skin. The key is not to use a harsh chemical, scrub or cloth, because over-exfoliating can cause damage and leave skin vulnerable to the elements.

Keep To Your Skincare Routine, Even When Traveling

When it comes to skincare, you can’t take a day off. Honestly, how much fun do you think you’ll have when you suffer a painful breakout during your vacation? Chances are, not much. A consistent regimen is key to radiant and beautiful skin, so make sure you stay on top of your cleansing and moisturizing routine and try never to run out of your essential products. Neglecting your skin is the fastest route to a prematurely aged and blemished complexion.

With these tips in mind, you’ll maintain your youthful visage for many years to come.

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