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5 sex tips only for men

Sex isn’t just a necessity which one needs to include for reproduction. People are getting pregnant without even having sex with someone. Such are the advancements in medical science in this 21st century! That’s why following today’s changing mindset, it has been concluded that sex is a way of being happy, and provide happiness to the other person.

Now, even though both men and women experience this orgasmic bliss, the extent of the pleasure varies according to gender. For example, most women feel pleasure only when they engage in certain foreplays. But the same can’t be said for men. That’s why we are here today to make you aware of your hidden needs through some plausible sex tips and guide you through so that you can enjoy the entire sex to the maximum pleasure.

  1. Always choose the best condom or go raw

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you want a barrier on your skin at the time of sex or not. Many men like to go bare because the level of intimacy is always heightened during this time. But, if you want to use protection, make sure you are choosing the types of condom properly. For better experience, go for a latex condom with a very thin length of the material. Also, be sure that the condom is not restricting the blood flow to your prostate and the penis.

  1. Try and understand the body language of your partner

 Different people have different sex life. So, while having sex, expecting him or her to follow your pace or style is completely a delusional act. So, make sure that you are understanding the other person via body languages because often, people involved in sexual activities refrain from being vocal.

  1. Pleasure can’t be achieved only by one person

One of the most effective sex tips for men is to think about the pleasure of both the person’s engaged in the activity. When you are having sex with someone, you want think about your solo bliss since that wouldn’t yield the mind-numbing pleasure. So, you will have to consider the other person’s wishes and desires to reach the climax perfectly.

  1. Never hold back yourself from being vocal about your needs

When you will have sex with someone, do not refrain yourself from saying about your needs out loud. If you are not paying attention to what you need, you won’t find sex to be pleasurable. Now, it might happen that the other person is not comfortable. In that case, you can meet your partner halfway.

  1. Do exercise regularly to retain the stamina

Lastly, there is no fun if someone reaches the climax early. So, of you want to keep your stamina the same, you need to exercise a lot. This way you won’t embarrass yourself in front of your partner.


During sex, you are getting connected with her in a deeper level, in a more intimate way. It doesn’t matter who has initiated the intimacy or what kind of a lover you both are. At that time, the only thing that matters is the pleasure and the heavenly bliss which follows post the orgasm. And to ensure that you never stop feeling the pleasure, pay need to the steps we have discussed here.

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