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4 tips to spice up your boring sex life

Several reasons can make sex life boring. Psychologists have proven that lack of fun and thrill in sex causes people to fall out of love or likings in a relationship. If you are committed to someone for a long time, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your sex life does not turn boring and dull. Irrespective of the gender, the duty should be divided between both, and hence, you both need the knowledge.

Here, we have explained certain ways in which you can spice up your sex life and experience the heavenly bliss.

  1. Understand each other’s preferences and meet halfway

Sex can never be pleasurable unless you are conversing with each other. There should be good understanding between two individuals for intimacy to work at its best. This is why you need to get over your insecurities and start being more open and transparent with your partner. Let’s say you don’t like vanilla sex positions, but you are too scared to hurt your partner. At such times you need to tell her about your preferences and see whether she can meet up or not. If not, you can meet halfway with each other.

  1. Master the technique of setting the right mood

According to experts and psychologists, it has been proven that morning sex is far more pleasurable than at any other time. But, the first step to make any intimacy enjoyable is to set the right mood. For doing this, first, you have to gauze the perspective of your partner and act accordingly. You can never spice up the sex if your partner is tired or not interested. Both of you must be willing to get engaged in the same. Only then you will be able to set the sensual and intimate mood that will help turn you both on.

  1. Foreplays are essential to add thrill

Believe it or not, foreplays play an essential role in adding pleasure to sex. For women to get turned on, foreplays are essential as suggested by the medical world. Correct simulations of the pressure points at the right proportion can turn on a girl in the most effective way. Unless you are finding her weak spots and engaging her in foreplays, sex will never become pleasurable for her.

  1. Always try new ways of intimacy

Lastly, you need to try new sex positions and other intimate activities to ensure that the sex life isn’t becoming monotonous and predictable day after day. This will introduce boredom, something you seriously don’t want to have.


Without the right knowledge and mood, it can be a real challenge to enjoy sex with anyone. Sex isn’t just caring about one’s own pleasure. Instead, it entails caring about your own pleasure and your partner’s to reach an orgasmic high together with toe-curling sensations. Unfortunately, out of every ten couples, only one or two can experience this kind of enjoyment from having sex. So, start learning more and add thrill and excitement to your sex life with your partner.

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