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3 Qualities of a great dermatologist

When searching around for a pediactric dermatologist, the following are some of the qualities that you need to check out before deciding to use their services:

Strong communication skills

For a dermatologist to be considered great there should be strong communication skills. Understanding patients and addressing their needs is important in building a lifelong career as a dermatologist. If the dermatologist has strong communication skills, they will:

  • Practice active listening to the patient
  • The patient will be treated as a partner to implement and create a plan for treatment
  • Avoid terms that are too technical or phrases that might confuse the patients
  • Maintain an easy to talk to and approachable relationship with the patients
  • Utilize a conversational, warm tone while addressing the patients

To maintain an open, non-judgmental relationship with the patients tend to encourage them in feeling safe and ready to share their honest information with you which might impact a great treatment.

A caring personality

A caring personality makes a great impact on the patients. The patients do feel insecure or anxious regarding having to seek medical treatment, so to find a dermatologist that sees the patient as a whole person and not just a scheduled name, is a great deal to the majority of people.

To work in the medical field is quite rewarding and at the same time, very stressful. Having a healthy self-care routine will reduce the levels of stress, allowing you to approach the patient with genuine concern and compassion for their health which is the reason why you are in the field.

Patients who feel valued and supported genuinely by the doctor tend to be able to stick to the plan for treatment, coming for follow-up visits and having a positive experience which they will end up sharing with others.


Doctors are known to be quite busy. But doctors that make themselves to be accessible easily have patients who are much happier as compared to those who don’t.  The practice location and the nature of the work you perform are likely going to impact your access to your clients.


If you have an environment that works well for you, then that is great. But if it is not, then you have to determine your goals and values which you think are most important in your dermatology career, moving to an environment that is more supportive so that you become more accessible to your patients.

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