First of all, let’s take about what is alkaline water? Alkaline water is also known as alkaline ionized water and is considered commercially available water with a high pH level. Basically, the pH is the measure of the acid-base balance of water. It typically ranges from between 6.5 & 8.5 […]

Getting screened for breast cancer can sound stressful. However, the earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better are the chances of successful treatment. A mammogram is an X-ray of breasts done to detect breast cancer and other abnormalities. Combined with self-examinations every month, mammograms can help diagnose breast cancer in […]

When searching around for a pediactric dermatologist, the following are some of the qualities that you need to check out before deciding to use their services: Strong communication skills For a dermatologist to be considered great there should be strong communication skills. Understanding patients and addressing their needs is important […]

Have you heard about CAR-T cell therapy? It’s a relatively new treatment option for patients who struggle with chemotherapy-resistant cancers, such as adult or pediatric leukemia. The pharmaceutical company Novartis recently partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to develop CAR-T cell therapy at a commercial level, allowing more patients than […]

Neal Burnette invented the western blot technique in the last 1970s. It is a process that builds upon the Southern Blot and the Northern Blot techniques but allows for precise radiographic imaging of antibodies and antigens. As Burnette published his paper on the western blot technique, it was rejected. Also […]