It has been proven that going to the gym brings a lot of benefits for your health. Amid these advantages, people find it hard to allot time in going to fitness studios due to work obligations and commute. The cost of gym memberships is also a factor why people do […]

We are all living in a very confusing time. With strict regulations around group gatherings constantly changing and most public spaces shutting down within days of reopening, it is quite tricky to understand how to best go about our lives in the safest way possible. With face masks now being […]

  Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and stress increase the risk of critical ailments like cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. According to research, almost 25% of Indians are at risk of dying due to lifestyle-related ailments or cancer before the age of 70. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can mitigate […]

It doesn’t get much better than a nice warm bubble bath! When you are feeling stressed, tired, or in need of some ultimate pamper time, giving yourself the treat of taking a nice warm bubble bath is the best thing you can do for yourself. Doing so will help you […]

If you aren’t satisfied with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to eliminate excessive hair, eliminating laser hair might be a worth considering alternative. One of the most widely performed surgical treatments in the U.S. is laser hair reduction. Through hair follicles, it shines extremely intense light. Pigments reflect the illumination in […]

Mindfulness refers to the art of noticing the present reality. It is bringing your mind back to your body to get in touch with the present and knowing what’s going on around you. Introspection is often the biggest obstacle. Rather than fighting and changing the way you feel, you can […]

Throughout the years, there has actually been a incredible change in the disposition of the medical profession pertaining to physiotherapy. Some years ago, the only individuals regarded as being appropriate to deal with any physical injury, whatever the injury was, was a doctor. Any other individual that attempted to use […]